Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introductions are Necessary

Introducing...Vick Fyre

This is Victor Fyre. Vick is the lead singer in the lounge act Vick Fyre and the Pyrophonics (their music is so hot the lounge is on fire!). He has a distinguished career in lounge music. Vick was a founding member of The Floyd Kolton Experience but left the band after several years due to artistic difference. He has also performed in many other influential acts throughout the Midwest. Vick has been immersed in lounge music since birth with father being a featured player in super-group Gubby Town Express and his mother being the biggest groupie of GTE. Vick spent his youth honing his crooning to perfection while surviving on the mean streets of Des Moines, Iowa. Now a successful musical artist, Vick uses his street smarts to woo the audience and especially the ladies. Pictured below, Vick is trying to shut me up after a particularly late night of womanizing and drinking martinis because my singing was throwing him off key. Vick Fyre and the Pyrophonics will probably be touring an airport lounge near you in the future.

Thanks so much to GF-Unit for getting me Vick for Valentines Day. It is way too much of a gift for such a crappy holiday, but I enjoy muppets so much that I couldn't really refuse. Now I just need to practice my puppetry skills...which are worse than terrible.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I'm so jealous right now! I need a Muppet. Does Vick know the members of the Electric Mayhem?


Michael said...

I was about to say that "you can play with my muppet any time" but then decided that is sounded more than a little like a secret code for gay sex.

Vick does not know Electric Mayhem personally but Sgt Floyd Pepper was a big influence and he has always had a crush on Janice.

Dixon said...

Tell me where Vick is performing, and when, and I will so be there.

Only judging my appearances alone, Vick looks to be made up of equal parts: Grover, Tony Clifton, that creepy old dancing guy from the Six Flags commercials, the lead singer of Digital Underground, and Matthew Lesko.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Vick has been such a welcoming presence in your life. He certainly is very popular! I know you two will be very happy together... :) You'll definitely have to give me a performance once you perfect your puppetry skills. ;)

Happy Valentines Day!