Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Ol' Days of YouTube

Remember the good ol' know like just over a year ago.  A time when you could watch YouTube videos without ads blocking the lower quarter of the screen.  A time before you had to watch the same Geico commercial before 3 videos in a row.  A time before Vevo where you have Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber staring at you even though you are watching Marilyn Manson videos.  And speaking of Vevo, I like how the record companies nuked their own artists sights with copyright take down notices to force traffic to the new Vevo site...and yet the new Vevo sight doesn't even have 25% of the artists' videos, that was a nice touch.  Those were the good ol' days...days when you could just enjoy some videos.  I don't mind YouTube, the artists, or even record companies trying to make a profit.  I just wish it wasn't so annoying or the ads fit better with what I was currently watching.

But there are times when it all comes together in a zen-like, perfect moment.  Why yes, watching a Slipknot video does make me want to order a pajama-gram.

"Honey, I had to get you a pajama-gram when Slipknot sang 'I'm gonna laugh when I'm buried alive'!"  Thanks YouTube, you are always there for me.

Sometimes you want to headbang, sometimes you want to buy a pajama-gram...sometimes you want to do both.

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