Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey....Gandalf, Nice Dress!

A while ago, my brother Kelly sent me a link to a newer band called Red Fang.  They are great.  Hard driving rock n roll with a southern flair.  Reminds me a lot of my favorite (now defunct) local band On A Pale Horse (seriously Junk Poet is still around but not these guys - ugh, what is the world coming to).

Album #2 - to be released
April 12, 2011
Their album is pretty awesome.  You can give it a whirl and order it from Amazon here.  They also have a new album coming out in two weeks on April 12, called Murder the Mountains.  I am very much looking forward to this album.

But even better - MidwesTix has just announced a Red Fang show in Des Moines!  May 24, 9pm.  House of Bricks.

Tickets on sale Friday from the MidwesTix website and will set you back $10.  Even though I haven't personally seen them live, from the videos on youtube, it definitely looks like it will be easy to get your money's worth in rock.

I will be there.  It's a Tuesday, but I suggest you skip the Biggest Loser, Glee, or Dancing with the Stars...or whatever crap you watch and get your ass down to HoB!  I am really looking forward to this show...if only they could get On A Pale Horse to open...but I am sure that amount of awesomeness would make people's heads explode (or at least pants to be soiled)!

This video is from Red Fang's first album...and is pure awesome.  I better start drinking now so I can have my suit of armor ready for the concert.

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