Friday, July 24, 2009

It Just Doesn't Make Sense

I bought some DVD binders from Amazon last week so that I could start storing my DVDs and games in a much smaller area on my bookshelves (squeezing 5 shelves into half a shelf).

I have always really liked the DVD binders that look like books when they are sitting on the shelf but I had bought one years ago and it was total crap and fell apart within about a month. So I was a little weary when shopping. Of course they are binders, so I really don't want to pay $40 each. Finally, I settled on trying this one - the pictures looked good, it had good reviews, it would fit pretty well on my shelf.

I knew I would need 5 or 6 total but wanted to order a small amount first to make sure they were what I was looking for. So I went to order last week, a single binder cost $14+$9 shipping - not bad but not great. It is Amazon, so if I got two for $28 I would get free shipping. But they also had three packs and six packs. A three pack was only $33 and a six pack was $69. Since I was still a little skeptical about the quality after getting burned years ago but decided even for a test run that $33 for three binders was a good deal. If I loved them, I would order another set but if I hated them I would only be out $33 and could probably use them long enough to make it worthwhile.


1 Binder = $14 + $9 S&H

3 Binders = $33 + free S&H

6 Binders = $69 + free S&H

I received the binders at the beginning of the week and took a couple days to fill them full of DVDs and test how they fit and work on my shelves. I decided that I loved them and they were perfect. Seem to be very good quality construction, they look really good, have little tabs on each DVD slot that goes over the top of the DVD and keeps them from falling out if the binder is tipped upside down, and fit perfectly where I was going to set them. I went to order another three pack. The price on the three pack has now jumped to $67! It has doubled in a week, I quickly went to look at the rest of the options:

1 Binder = $14 + Free S&H!

3 Binders = $67 + Free S&H

6 Binders = $69 + Free S&H

Yes, that is right six binders now only cost $2 more than three binders. That is retarded. I just don't understand it. There was nothing special about the three pack. It's even a factory boxed three pack, it was three individual binders in a cardboard shipping box. Luckily, they are now including shipping in the single binder price so that isn't too bad...but I really need two to finish out my DVDs and want one for expansion. I could order three singles and it would be $25 less than ordering the three pack (but still $10 more than I paid last week). I think I am going to wait till next week to see if the three pack comes back down to it's normal price. If not, I will be buying three singles. I guess they don't understand the concept of someone buying bulk packs and getting a discount for it (neither does Microsoft with their Xbox Live points).

I may just get replacement insert sheets. Originally they were not as economical as the binders $7 + $5 shipping for 8 sheets (each binder comes with 12 sheets). I guess if I buy 4 packs to get free shipping I 32 sheets for $28...only slightly higher per sheet than what I got with my original binder three pack, but then again I don't want my binders to be over-stuffed and awkward to use. I may have to experiment.

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