Thursday, July 9, 2009

Suck Updates

Attention! Attention!
Very important Suck Updates (Suckdates? No Suck-Ups!)

First - relating to my previous post about bands you never heard of - Naked Rhythm. I am trying to host some of the songs so you can give a listen if you would like. I am obviously no webmaster expert, so I am not sure exactly how it will all work out. Here is my first is kind of a down and dirty quick fix. Please let me know if you have issues. Note: you may want to right click and open in a new window.

Naked Rhythm - Break You
Naked Rhythm - Mountain
Naked Rhythm - Improv Cafe

Secondly - Hoofomobile says he found info that some of the Naked Rhythm band members went on to form the band Wobble. You can test all the tracks at Seems pretty decent. I'll give an update on the whole CD sound within a couple days after I listen to it a few times. Definitely sounds in the Naked Rhythm/Saigon Kick style from the 30 second teasers. Thanks Hoofomobile!

Finally - after work on Tuesday, I wasn't much in the mood for a concert...especially if the Black Crowes were just going to jam all night. So I skipped the show. I have heard (quality of source unknown at this point) that they put on a good show with jamming the first half and then hits the second half. Playing most their hits with the one notable exception of She Talks to Angels. If so, good job Black Crowes! Sorry I missed it.

You may now resume your lives.


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