Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Project Bookcase

Slightly better pictures of my recent home improvement project of a built in bookcase with bench seat.

For those interested (AKA no one):

Overall, 13ft long x 8ft tall

16 inches wide on the lower bench shelfs

8 inches wide on the upper shelves

Bench seat, 86inches long x 30 inches wide.

Overall view: Still a mess that needs organized, and more fillings.

Medium Close-Up on my Lord of the Rings Books and bookends (yep, dork city). Above is my Anne Rice Witch and Vampire books.

Sin City graphic novels and dragon vase (full of pennies! don't steal it, it is like $2 worth!)

Close-Up of DVDs...you can kind of see the dragon bookends in hte lower left corner...and yes, Buffy season 5 & 6, as well as, Ren & Stimpy above.

Close up of the redirected heating/air conditioning register that was right under the proposed shelves. This was before I cleaned up all the wood filler and paint splatters. I was going to go with a traditional register cover but it seemed really boring, but then I saw this at "art" piece at Hobby Lobby for $6.


Cameron Ted said...

now that I know where your pennies are.... nice touch with the hobby lobby grate cover too. now board up that window and hand a flat screen lulz

Michael said...

I'm not going to board up the window...but I was thinking 85" pull down screen and ceiling mounted HD projector should take care of me.

PS - don't steal my pennies!