Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hell on Wheels

I've always enjoyed roller skating. Trust me, I am terrible at it (like most things in life) but I do enjoy it. I have fond memories of the hand-me-down metal wheel skates in the 70s to the all-night skate lock-in where I witnessed the Thriller video for the first time. I liked skating but didn't get to go very often, once maybe twice a year. So, it is one of those things I grew out of and forgot about.

My interest was renewed 10 years ago with the popularity of in-line skates, but not really having a good place to skate (or more accurately learn to use in-line skates) it was very much just a passing interest. I was piqued again when CT's sister-inlaws started renting the local rink once a year for a friend and family get together. It is the same rink from my childhood where I spent time skating, playing Gauntlet, and watching aforementioned Thriller video. The rink has gone through about 10 name changes: Skate North, Skate Country, Skate 2000, etc...and is now called Incrediroll, but it is still the same place in spirit, even if I don't agree with them covering the wood floors with a skate pad. I had a great time at all these events and my amazing skating skills blew everyone away - I was just like Sweetness in Roll Bounce[citation needed]. OK maybe not. Even though my skating skills had not magically improved over the 20 years (as anyone who witnessed my Hokey Pokey skills can attest), it was a great time. These events really brought back to me how much fun skating can be when you do it well...for me that would be gaining speed and then actually accomplishing a couple foot over foot turns, it is not much I know but I take my victories where I get them. For me, that always felt like flying.

This is all a rambling lead in to tell you how excited I am to be going to see roller derby this Saturday. The Mid Iowa Rollers are skating in competition this Saturday. Yes, Des Moines has their own roller derby team and I am really looking forward to seeing them in action. I've known about them for a couple years but haven't actually had a chance to see them in action. This weekend I am making no excuses and I am going to the match (game? competition? tournament? derby?) I am not sure what the correct terminology would be but never the less, I will be there. What is better than a little skating, a little rock-n-roll, a little punk attitude, some bone-crushing hits, and a little sexuality? Awesome. All the action takes place at Buccaneeer Arena. Check it out if you don't have anything going on.

c-TAL fa-TAL (Mid Iowa Rollers Member)


Lax Guy said...

The Rollers intrigue me as well. I know jack diddly about Roller derby but plan to one day see an event (I don't know what they're called either). Something about the girly-girls and their toughness at the same time adds hotness points - like a dominatrix with wheels...
Ok - that was weird!
Unfortunately I know it won't be this weekend. If I make it back to DM early enough, I will be at the Menace game at that time...

Michael said...

Yes, I am happy for the Menace and really thought about going to that game...but I told myself that I have seen the Menace several times and I have not seen Roller Derby.

I had some lame excuse last time the skated a few weeks ago, and I missed all events last year because of Barnstormer games and the like, so I feel like I must go just to make sure I make one.

Girls + Tough & Talented = super hot!