Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congratulations Angie

I met Angie almost 10 years ago when I was dating Amanda The First (of far). Angie and Amanda were good friends, went to the same church, etc... Angie is one of those people whose personality was just so warm and compassionate, she would make you feel comfortable and welcome no matter who you were (even a total dork like me). Angie is a person who has always amazed and surprised me. She always has a sparkle in her eyes that brightens your day every time you see it. She is beautiful and yet the nicest, humblest person that you could ever meet.

I never got to know Angie well enough to be friends with her on my own standing, so when Amanda (the first) and I ended, I didn't really see Angie much any more either. It totally sucks how that happens, but that is the way life goes. A few years later, Angie was in an automobile accident where she was paralyzed. She now spends much of her life in her wheelchair. I have seen her a few times since the accident (though probably not as much as I should). The first time I was very scared that she would be a different person, bitter, angry, and depressed...and there was a tiny bit of that, which I definitely could understand. Mostly though, she was exactly the same. Warm, friendly, loving...with that beautiful sparkle in her eyes. This is just part of her amazing spirit, she can overcome anything.

I was happy when I heard about Angie becoming Ms Wheelchair Iowa. This was in I am very late getting to this (what can I say, I suck). She deserves this and so much more...but more than that, I think she will do a great job of bringing awareness and understanding for those in wheelchairs. They could not ask for a better spokesperson, representative, advocate, and inspiration. Angie is also the current president of the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Iowa, and has Associate Degrees in Science, Art, and Business. Angie is incredible.

Congratulations Angie!

Ms Wheelchair Iowa 2009

Angie, you are an amazing person and an inspiration to us all. You make me feel proud to know you. As always, I wish you nothing but the best and I know you will succeed in whatever you set out to try.

Please click here to read an article from the Des Moines Register to learn a little more about Angie and here for a Radio Iowa story on one goal she is trying to accomplish.

Please click here to learn more about the Ms Wheelchair Iowa organization.

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