Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Political Party Idiots

I don't care what a person political affiliation is - Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Independent, etc... I think they all have valid viewpoints and all have good ideas on various topics. I think this variety is good for the country.

But, I don't like when someone is such a slave to their political party that they can't see or admit that another party might have some good ideas and do whatever they can to destroy something just because it was proposed by their opponents. This is shown most clearly in the Democrats vs the Republicans since they are the majority.

Politicians - I voted for you for your thinking power, yes you, not some person who is the the supposed head of your party. I voted for you to do what you think is best for me, for my neighbors, for my community, for this country. I did not vote for you to just follow what someone else tells you to do or to follow a set of predefined party rules. I want you to think, and think hard about what each decision and piece of legislation actually means for us, the people. I don't want you to automatically dismiss or oppose something just because it was thought up by the other side. You are there to compromise and work together and come up with the best solutions as part of a team that leads this country.

People - I am glad you are taking an interest and a stand in politics. That is great, everyone should have an interest in this and be involved as they feel comfortable. Like the politicians though, you need to think for yourselves...and show some respect. Maybe you don't agree with everything that is happening in Washington at this time - I don't either, but the way to combat this is not to yell and disrupt town hall meetings. That makes you look like an ignorant asshole. If that is how you handle things, I hope the people that you believe in NEVER get into power because I can only imagine that they will be idiots just like you. If you don't agree with something, come to the meetings and lets talk about the situation. Let's have a debate (note: a debate is not yelling and not calling someone a Nazi), let's look at facts and figures, let's gather data and talk to other people to find out what they need because it might not be the same as what you need. Let's look at a big picture and do the best we can for everyone. Maybe the best thing is to keep the current system, maybe not...let's study the issue and see if we can come to an agreement that is beneficial to everyone.

Everyone - being a total party whore makes you do stupid things...like making your children boycott a speech by the President. Seriously? He is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, the current leader of this country. I don't care if you don't like him or if he is a member of an opposite political party, the position in itself deserves some respect. If he wants to give a speech encouraging children to stay in school , you should encourage your child to watch and pay attention. I remember Republican presidents doing in the 80s and even though I didn't believe in Republican values at the time, I still found the speeches to be a little bit empowering and uplifting (and this from someone who at the time didn't care too much for school). Stop calling your children's schools and threatening them. Even if you don't believe in his policies and ideas, you should still listen when our leader, the Office of the President deserves that much respect.
Please note - I consider myself independent, and have voted for Democrats, Republicans, and others (no one from the the NORML party yet though). This message is not aimed at one particular party or policy, the examples are just currently favor one side due to leadership and majority...but there are just as many examples the other way too - I am just too lazy to find them at the moment).
End Hate
Picture borrowed from the website of the US Embassy in Dublin Ireland.


Thad said...

You sound like an ignorant Republican.

Michael said...

Ignorant Independent...geez.

Allow if the Pirate Party starts here, I would probably register as that...or not, being a pirate means I don't have to follow the rules fuckers.