Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Motion Activated Security Lights

It has become pretty common practice in my neighborhood for people to leave their porch and/or garage lights on all night. I find this to be completely annoying because that much ambient light has really cut down on the view of the stars. Annoying as this is, it pales in comparison to the scourge of Motion Activated Security Lights (MASL) that have popped up.

I can see how MASLs can have their uses. My parents use one that turns on when you are about 8 feet from their porch, helping so you don't trip on the steps. This is way too conservative use for most people in my neighborhood. These people have them set so sensitive that not only is anyone approaching the house illuminated but also anyone using the public sidewalk and in one case anyone using the public street through the neighborhood.

Yep, every time a car passes through the neighborhood the security light is triggered. Not just any bulb will do for this light either, it has to have the 200 watt, 1000 Lumens, extra brilliant white light bulbs. This is also a light that happens to shine in my front windows...so that is lovely. It is so bright that all I can think is that they must be sending out the Bat Signal so they will be rescued (although I am sure Batman is just as sick of the middle of the night wake up call whenever someone drives down the street, as I am). It is a little funny when you are walking on the sidewalk (or street for that matter) and it catches you unaware. You literally feel like one of those old prison break movies where the sirens start up and the swirling searchlights come to focus on the escapee.

Is this really necessary? No, it is stupid overkill. It annoys people and wastes electricity. I would also suggest that it makes you much less safe. As I want to bludgeon you to death as you sleep every time it wakes me up.

I do have to thank my next door neighbor who finally adjusted his sensor so it no longer goes off every time I or my dogs go out onto my deck. It's a start.

End Hate


Ookami Snow said...

When I was living in student apts. there was a light across the way that would shut off if it sensed the slightest light. So throughout the night the light would shut off then turn back on.

Similar problem both very annoying.

Michael said...

I had the exact same thing in college too. It must be some kind of student housing building code requirement. I eventually taped tin foil over the top half on my window so it didn't shine in my eyes at night. Of course many comments about "blocking alien transmissions" ensued.