Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Geez, no post in two weeks? The writer of this blog sucks. Someone should pass a law or at least form a committee. Sorry Interwebicon. Now on to the hate.

Annoying Craigslist People

I know the majority of people who use Craigslist are probably great people but the people that I have dealt with lately seem to be mostly jerkholes.

I've been getting rid of some extra stuff by posting it on Craigslist. This is not awesome stuff but decent for the right person. Like the TV in my basement that I haven't turned on in over 5 years. I figured I give it to someone else who could use it. Some of the items have worked, some not and I always make sure to list as much information and the detail the condition of the object as much as I can. I am trying to be honest with people, hoping that the item will find the right person that needs it. I have both responded and posted adds. Let me be clear...I am giving this stuff away for free because I didn't want to deal with any hassle or complaints. I figured free would mean that my not-needed items would be taken and the receiver would be happy because they didn't have to pay a dime.

I was wrong.

It has been almost nothing besides hassles. Here are just a few examples -

  1. I respond to an add about some one desperately needing a computer monitor. I had an extra lying around so I offer. I ask them if they would like to pick it up at my home or meet some where during my lunch break at work. You would figure that the person getting something free would make the slightest effort to meet half-way or try to make it convenient for the person giving the item to them. Nope. The response I got was something like "You can drop it off at my house between 9am and 11am," where said house is not only on the opposite side of town, but clear out in the middle of nowhere...and a two hour time window? I'm not installing cable, I am trying to give you something. This was given to someone else.

  2. Someone responds to one of my ads and I give him my address, directions, and we agree on a time to meet. Nearly three hours after the time we planned on meeting he finally shows up. But I do have to say that at least he did show up...may others did not show up at all. If you say you want something for free and ask the person to hold it for you, show the fuck up when you say or if you change your mind send a message or call. That is just rude.

  3. When an ad says something is large and heavy and you will need at least two or three people to move it, you shouldn't show up by your 110 pound self and then complain that I can't help you lift the thing into your truck. Read the ad. When I buy something I don't expect others to help me get it into my own truck. I bring my tools, my cart, and the help that I will need. All I ask is that it is in a location that I can get to without too much trouble. If I don't have all the help I need, I am sure to ask the seller/giver beforehand and then give them a small tip for the help (I just did this on Saturday with a pinball, I didn't have the help so I asked before I showed up and then tipped $10 for the help).

  4. Read the ad. When the ad says something is Non-Working, don't get angry when you show up and it isn't working. It was listed pretty clearly as NON-WORKING. The ad said it three times and explained the issue. It is not my fault you just saw the title and didn't read the ad.

  5. Don't threaten the person who placed the ad. This actually happened a couple ways, one guy threatened me over email when the item was already taken and I hadn't taken down the ad yet (even though it did list Pickup Pending). The other threat was from someone who picked up and item - and I helped load even though I wasn't asked - and went something like "This better work because we know where you live." I am not sure if this was said in a joking manner or not...either way it was really uncalled for. You are getting a TV for free, you had a chance to inspect it, I even got an extension cord and plugged it in so you could try it. This is a free item, there is no warranty.

  6. If I email you and tell you that someone is looking at the item but I'll let you know and that you are second on the list if they don't take it. You should not email me every 45 minutes to see if it is taken. I told you I would let you know as soon as I knew for certain. I already have 50 other emails to tell people the first time that someone is looking, I don' t need your repeated emails too. Oh, after your fifth email that I once again replied to saying "The other guy isn't coming till this evening. I will let you know one way or the other when he leaves," you went from second in line to off the list. Sorry.

  7. If I am giving you something, it means I do not want it and I don't want to sell it. I don't really want your advice on what I should have done or hear about how stupid I am because I could have gotten "a lot of money" from this item. Please just take your item and be happy, I really don't want to listen to your purposeless gloating.

That all being said there were a few cool people who showed up on time, quickly and efficiently moved their stuff and were actually appreciative (not necessary but much better than angry or threatening). Thank you to those people, that is what Craigslist should be.

End Hate

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Jessica said...

I agree with you, and thanks for giving away all that stuff for free.

But what I really like about this post is your use of the word jerkholes. Hats off to you!