Monday, November 16, 2009

Beware the Meh-pocalypse

So Friday night I was dragged to the movie 2012. I might not have been kicking and screaming but I was definitely moaning, groaning, and complaining. Months ago I had promised Jessica that I would take her to 2012 or New Moon, but not both. She chose 2012 for me... I am not sure if that was a good thing or not. To me, it seemed like a "Head or Gut" type choice. Either way I was going to get hit and it was going to hurt.
I was a little surprised by the movie as they didn't focus on the 2012 Mayan myth (yes myth, there is no Maya2K, grow a brain!). Basically, it was mentioned as the time frame and a stupid quote about the "Mayans knowing about the dangers thousands of years ago but with all of our science we are still blind." Not great, but I figured it would be much worse and there would be some sort of Mayan mystery to solve or something equally horrible that would teach everyone a lesson about the nature of mankind. I went in with really low expectations and because of that I was able to mildly enjoy it. Although my classic quote of "It wasn't good but at least it was long" applies, it was better than Transformers 2 (if only for the fact that I understood what was going on).
The good - special effects were good, stuff being destroyed is often pretty entertaining. John Cusack is decent like he usually is (although this would be one of his weaker movies).
The bad - special effects - just too many, eventually I got to the point where I didn't even find the destruction entertaining any more and was mostly just bored. It didn't help that I really didn't feel attached to any of the characters. Also the science was really suspect...than means a lot to me. You can have anything happen in a movie and as long as the science sounds halfway plausible then I will give the benefit of the doubt.
Verdict - Meh - it wasn't horrible but it wasn't good either. Too long, repetitive destruction. You feel a little bit like you are just watching the commercial as much of the destruction is shown in is just longer in the movie. I'm still a little pissed that it even mentioned the Mayan calendar bullshit - I would have been happier if they cut that five minutes and instead called it The Day After Tomorrow 2 or something. Besides the fact that the 2012 stuff is just a bunch of crap, through the promotion it has attracted a bunch of "experts" in the audience who felt the need to pontificate on the subject for the 20 minutes before the movie. Had I felt a little better I probably would have argued but instead I sat there and tried to unsuccessfully pretend these people weren't talking.
Final note - Woody Harrelson was decent in it (he plays a good wacko)...but he was much better in Zombieland. I would gladly see that over 2012 any day (and you could watch Zombieland twice in the time it takes you to watch 2012).

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