Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

I've said it many times before - I am just not a big fan of facebook. Don't get me wrong, it is decent when it is used correctly (solely judged by me on what I want to see). I don't mind when people post or update their status once or twice a day - and trust me, I don't know anyone interesting enough that I want to know more than that about their life. I don't care for your announcements that "It's Friday!" or that you feel the need to update me every 15 minutes on your day. I don't care! Keep it to the major stuff or keep the posts to a minimum. But that is not even the worst thing. I can not stand the apps that post stupid updates and messages. I don't care that you are level 246 in Mafia Wars, that you baked a souffle in Cafe World, or that you found a lost cow in Farmville. Not only do these kind of updates piss me off because I think they are pointless, but they make me think you are a loser. I love dorky stuff and really bad video games (I played through Sneakers twice after all)...but this stuff seems way too lame even for me. Twenty updates in a row about some stupid game is annoying and makes it so hard to find important info.
End Hate

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Lax Guy said...

I agree! I get so sick of people trying to get me in Mafia wars, Wizards school, and all of that other BS. I have a facebook to stay in touch with family, old friends, and people from high school from time to time. My wife refuses to have facebook so we stay in touch with her old friends through mine.
Otherwise I use it to talk to my high school lax players and spread the sport of lacrosse. I have too many other things to waste my time to deal with the annoying apps on facebook.