Thursday, July 17, 2008


So it was made official last week that the AHL hockey team in Des Moines is going to be named the Iowa Chops. Yep, a pig team. About the last thing that I wanted in a new team name. I was very disappointed and saddened by this development at first. I have known about the name for about two months due to secret sources but kept hoping they would change it. But it is now official, we are a pig team and not just that but a pig team named after a food, and perhaps even worse than that we are the second pig team in our conference.

But I am very excited for the new season -

  • The new name has grown on me.

  • It has created a lot of buzz - everyone is talking about it, even people who never talked about hockey before (and both times I wore a t-shirt with the name or logo, I was stopped and asked where I got it - something that never happened in 3 years of wearing Iowa Stars gear).

  • It is OUR name. It feels like OUR team, not just a baby team for an NHL team.

  • Our new affiliation with the Anaheim Ducks should provide a tougher, more rugged style of hockey for Iowa.

So instead of whining and complaining about the name like some people continue to do, I am embracing it with open arms. Our team winning games and playing great hockey will make everyone forget that the name is a little silly. Let's take control of the team and make it something to be proud to wear. We only will be embarrassed if we let others embarrass us. Take control, wear your colors proud. There are many dumb, strange, dorky team names in sports - and the fans eventually embrace them (I did with the Barnstormers - which was the stupidest sounding name I had ever heard 15 years ago). In a couple years, you won't even remember why Iowa Chops sounded so strange.

For the people that say that the pig (I call him Chompy) needs a hockey stick or a puck in it's mouth? Look at NHL logos - only like 5 of 30 team logos contain sticks or pucks(Thrashers, Islanders, Penguins, Sharks, Capitals) - and I don't really like a single one of their logos. Do football teams have to put a big football in their logo, so people know it is a football team? No. If your team is supported by the community, the logo becomes the sport. I know in a few months when I am watching games every week, I won't see the Chompy logo and think "pig" or "pork chop," I'll think hockey. If you come to the games and cheer on the team, I can guarantee you will think the same. PS - they cut ticket prices this year between 30-50% depending on seating area, so be sure to give it a chance. I am at 40 games (at least) a year and always have a good time.

Just least we are not the Syracuse Crunch...I have no idea what that is supposed to be. Chompy looks 100% better than THAT.


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C.T. said...

don't know, the crunked out crunch logo is pretty sweet. It is like the robot chicken when the yeti from the island of misfit toys had his heroin/or coke bags pop in his stomach.

Oh, and no one really cares about the name once it starts, cause it is ours ;)

Dixon said...

I love it. I mean, you're already limited as far as the State identity, so why not?? The low-budget arena football team in Omaha is the Beef. I get it, and I like it.

This name completely works, and a grey sweatshirt with that logo on it may very well end up in my closet soon.