Friday, July 18, 2008

There'll Be Broken Bones (weekend plans)

A busy weekend planned for me...which seems to be the norm lately. I am not sure if that is good or bad. It is nice not sitting at home and feeling like a loser (being out and feeling like a loser is much better!) but at the same time it can be a little exhausting at I guess we will see.

Friday night - going to the I-Cubs game with the gf-unit, my bro, and his gf-unit. Got to love free tickets from work...even if it is for baseball. Don't get me wrong, baseball can be great...but that seems to be few and far between for me, I usually find it a slow and pretty boring game. TV baseball puts me right to sleep (or has me quickly flipping the channel to paid programming) but in person, it is not too bad. You have a chance of catching an HD (hot dog) from the HD Gun...delicious. You have no idea how much I would pay to see some take a flying HD right in the face (okay, not that much but I would contribute to a pool of money). There is also a chance of seeing the Rally Yak if the Cubs are behind in the Ninth. I actually have no idea what the Rally Yak is all about but it is just goofy enough to have a fond place in my heart...maybe not as fond as delicious HDs being propelled through the air to lucky fans' stomachs, but a fond spot nonetheless. I usually start cheering for the Rally Yak in the 3rd inning or so.

Saturday, I am going to see The Dark Knight at the Imax theater in the Science Center of Iowa. You know you want to see it. I have only had a chance to check out a couple Imax movies so far but each one has been brilliant...I just don't get the butterflies in my stomach from a regular movie screen, but Imax often has me on edge. The last movie I saw almost made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. Anyhow, I think The Dark Knight movie looks amazing, so why not make it more so by being totally submersed in Jokery goodness? Imax is totally worth the extra $3.

After TDK in Imax, I am hoping to head to The House of Bricks and check out my favorite local band, On a Pale Horse. I love these guys. They put on a powerful, energy packed show every time. And Josh just happens to be one of the coolest people on the planet. Why is he so cool? I don't know, he just is...that's Josh. He is down to earth and friendly and yet he rocks the place every show. I may have a hetero-mancrush. You haven't heard of OaPH? Well definitely check out the above link to their MySpace page. Specifically check out the songs - Sound the Alarm, Amplify the Circle, and Release the Smoke...all "Whip the camel's ass" as Wesley Willis would have said. Check them out! No, don't say you will do it later. I know you, you will the link now and listen to them, then go to Hob on Saturday night.

Sunday - originally I was going to do nothing, but then I saw that Soul Asylum was playing the Rib America Festival. I heard the food there is pricey but admission is only $4. I'll gladly pay four bucks to see Soul Asylum and I'm sure I'll stay for Jonny Lang later. Maybe I'll wear my CHOPS shirt so that I fit in with all the BBQ Ribs - Hey Pork Association, why don't I get a free sample if I wear my shirt? Oh well, Soul Asylum will be fun.

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So were there any bones broken?