Thursday, July 24, 2008

I feel like I I could...TAKE ON THE WORLD!!

So when I have had some free time this week, I decided I would break out an old PC game called Day of the Tentacle (Manaic Manson 2). Why? I mean, I have my XBOX 360 sitting there with a stack of games I haven't even opened, why break out 15 year old game that ran in DOS. Why? Because it is awesome. It is just a funny game that is a joy to play. The animation still holds up fairly well for a cartoon, the characters have hilarious lines, and it is just a good old fashioned adventure game that makes you use your brain.
I was just going to watch the intro to see if it was as funny as I remembered (it was!) but I was drawn in and played for longer than I have played any video game in 6+ months. It is a game that makes you want to explore and talk to everyone. One of those games where you think to yourself "just 5 more minutes" and are still playing an hour later.
Unfortunately, they don't really seem to make games like this any more. Today, many games just seem like a grind and although they are interesting, I don't feel the same type of joy that I get from this simple game. I miss adventure games, I wish that style would make a comeback. Especially the games from Lucas Arts. Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Grim Fandango, etc... I played and loved them all. They took the place of the King's Quest games in my gaming heart which had held domain for many years. Lucas - please release all of these on Xbox Live (as well as X-Wing and Tie Fighter). I would buy them in an instant.
I encourage all of you to check out these old games, you won't be disappointed (OK, you might be but that is only because you are bitter at life and unable to enjoy simple pleasures instead filling the hole in your soul with the most depraved Internet porn you can find). As Purple Tentacle says "It makes me feel great...smarter...more I I could...TAKE ON THE WORLD!"
Check out the intro.


C.T. said...

At first I thought that was plankton from Sponge bob, I am not convinced it isn't...

Batz said...

Wow. So, this might sound creepy-stalkerish. But I ran into this blog in an image search on Arkham Asulym... and I couldn't stop reading... o.o;

What caught my attention was Scott Westerfield. He's EPIC. I met him at a Lit' Fest' we had at my school a few years ago, before his fourth book came out.

I just like yer views on things. You're not a run-down-into-the-ground pessimist like most people are these days. :]

I hope you appreciate this, though, instead of being like, "Ohjeebus, weirdo, reading my crapp! -hides-" But if not, someone will, eh? XD

Michael said...

I welcome all stalkers! Glad to you stopped by. I must admit that I am a little envious of you having me Scott Westerfield, he is on a long list of authors that I hope to someday meet.