Friday, July 25, 2008

Wisconsin Bound

This weekend, I am going to Wisconsin for the gf-unit's family reunion (did I really need to hyperlink Wisconsin?). This sort of frightens me...a lot. I feel a little bit like I will be a contender in a Human Show. Primped and preened, paraded around for the judges. Luckily, I have a decent pedigree and can behave well if I am so inclined. I know all the tricks - heel, beg, shake hands, stand still while someone gropes you.

I am also a little bit excited though, because I haven't been camping in years. Neither have I been to Wisconsin since around 1994. But Wisconsin doesn't remind me of cheese or the Packers or anything like that. Wisconsin reminds me of music. First and foremost is a song by the Dead Milkmen called "I'm Living in Wisconsin". You have no idea how many times this song has gotten stuck in my head...I am pretty sure I drove the people I rode with in 1994 nuts singing this song (could be why we are no longer friends).

I'm living in Wisconsin
But only in my mind
The fields, the grass
The farms I pass
The little country inn
Make me long for

Oh, I'm living in Wisconsin
Although I'm in PA
I'd be in Wisconsin
If I only knew the way

Refrigerator's running
The clock strikes twelve
I'm walking on air
I wish I could fly

Trust me, it sounds awesome when the Dead Milkmen sing it. WI also reminds me of the album "Wisconsin Death Trip" by Static-X. A great album. WDT is not my favorite song but it is good song (as is the entire album). My favorite part of this album though is the last song. The whole album is this fist pumping, energy inducing, in your face, shot of adrenaline straight into your cortex. But the last song - December - is this quiet, wistful, slowly building song that is like a cool, damp washcloth on your fevered head. It is soothing and relaxing, easing the tension and anger from your body that the rest of the album has built up....just like Wisconsin (or not, I am really only reminded of this because of the name of the album and need to talk to more...I don't really know much to say about Wisconsin itself).

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C.T. said...

I like beer, I like cheese. I hate the Packers. So Wisconsin, you are dead to me.