Friday, May 8, 2009

I Feel Dirty

GF-Unit asked me to read the Twilight books. She read and enjoyed them. I deduced that she enjoyed them highly from her gasping and "Oh my god"s that escaped her while reading the final one. She wants someone to talk about them with and instead of finding another person who has read them (I am sure there are plenty of 13 year old girls she could rave about Edward with), she has asked me to give them a try.

Reluctantly, I have agreed because I figure I can't complain too much until I actually read them...then I can complain all I want (and I'm not buying them, so I am not really supporting them). I just got back from my lunch break where I read a little bit (very little 15 pages!). Nothing has even happened yet and already I feel dirty from the book. I am sure it would be better if I hadn't seen the movie. Although the deleted scene that CT linked to was awesome and a better movie it would have been had it been included.
Anyhow, if you see me reading these books, please know that it is only as a favor to GF-Unit (and her taste is suspect).


Anonymous said...

I feel the need to at least attempt to defend myself here. Yes, I know that I read and enjoyed a series that was targeted mostly for tweens and teens. Yes, I know my tastes in literature are all over the place. I'm not in any way comparing this series with great literature works, it is just a pop sensation that will die out eventually with all the rest.
Yet, I did enjoy the story line, possibly because these were the first vampire books I have read. And yes, I did show my enthusiasm for the little twists throughout the books, but this is true for me in any book I read. I get totally wrapped up in the story to the point that it's not even fiction to me anymore.
Thank you for reading the books, dear BF-Unit, because I would like your thoughts as to how this series compares to other books in the vampire genre. Just rest assured that my affections lie only with you, and not with Edward Cullen.

xo, GF-Unit

Michael said...

Getting a little more into the book (150 pages or so), I must admit that it is not completely horrible.
It does bore me and piss me off at times though.
I think Bella is an incongruous character for what she is portrayed as (even being mature for her age).
Edward is pretty bland so far.
Bella searches the internet for vampires and reads a site called Vampires A-Z and yet none of it matches up with what she has been tod by Jacob (blood drinkers, cold skin, pale, immortal, etc...) those are all the main generic points of almost any vampire stories.

Your taste is still suspect (after all you like me).