Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stop Sending Me Your Whiffle Ball Scores

I am not a big sports fan. I like hockey and that is about it. Since I am not a fan, I really don't care for talking about sports with people. I don't know the players you are talking about (for the most part), I have only the more cursory knowledge of the teams, heck even the sports themselves I am probably half vague on the rules.

As much as I don't care talking about sports...I care even less about talking about your season on the Madden video game. I do like video games but again not a big sports fan with the exception of hockey and golf. For me the best games for any other sport are usually the ones where the characters have small bodies, big heads, and come in cartoon character varieties: AKA - Mario sports varieties.

I don't care how much your Madden game is like the real thing or how different the rosters are from real life, how much better your team is, etc... I don't care because I don't care about the real thing, so why would I care about a video game version. Please don't update me on this type of thing every time I see you.* This is worst than if you told me how your weekly whiffle ball game went...because it is whiffle ball.**

*This is only for sports games. Other genres of games that I find interesting, I am more than happy to talk about...but you know I don't like sports, so just stop it.

**Don't get me wrong, Whiffle Ball is awesome. Just not something anyone over the age of seven should be bragging about.


Thad said...

I won my 26th straight game on NHL 09 last night. Beat the Stars 3-2. Just thought you'd like to know.

Michael said...

Nice. I haven't really played an NHL game since N64. I forget which year (maybe '97 or 98) but it was the one where you could do the 5 year career. I was playing regular time 20 minute periods, all penalties, line changes, etc... As real as you could make it. It was tiring, I would come home from work and spend an hour or two playing. It almost was like a second job. Then about a quarter of the way into my 3rd year, my memory card decided to take a shit. It was all gone.
Haven't been able to get into a hockey video game since...