Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Playoff Beards

I like hockey and watch it the from September to June every year. I am used to seeing the players in various states. Well rested and happy, tired and grumpy, shaven and unshaven at various times. The tradition of the Playoff Beards bothers me though.

Playoff beards are a tradition where hockey players stop shaving once the playoffs start. Players will not shave until they win the Stanley Cup (or trophy for whatever league they play in) or are knocked out of the playoffs. I don't like this tradition for one simple reason..people in this country are much more likely to catch a hockey game during the playoffs than at any other time during the season. More games are on regular TV, there is more advertising, more press coverage, and a little more excitement when people know it is the playoffs. So what do all these people who are new to hockey see? Players that look like crap - unprofessional, hairy Sasquatch men.

That is no way to gain fans - I would think people would rather watch clean-cut, good looking guys play hockey rather than a bunch of hillbillies. Plus how can that even be comfortable? I go without shaving for a couple weeks and it drives me crazy, it itches, it makes it awkward to sleep, and hard to concentrate at times. Plus ugly. I can't even make it through No-Shave November!

Here is an example - former Iowa Chops Captain Ajay Baines. Maybe not the most handsome guy ever, but clean shaven is definitely better than the bat shit crazy mountain man from a couple years ago when he won the Calder Cup.
Playoff beards make me think that I am a poor excuse for a human male because these guys (who are 10+ years younger than me) can grow better beards in a couple weeks than I can in months. Oh well.
End Hate


Anonymous said...

Must disagree on this one. Although I like you both ways, (not that way sicko) ;) I think you look pretty sexy when you have a beard. Although if you went as bushy as Ajay I might form a different opinion.

But now I'm curious which tradition you think is worse-- not shaving or not changing socks...?


kelly said...

That's not Ajay's playoff beard, that's just his five o'clock shadow. He's been shaving since kindergarten.

Dixon said...

Dude, that's Franco Harris.

Michael said...

That is Franco Harris...from 1987. I think he may be a Terminator.

Michael said...

Not changing/washing clothes is just gross.

Glad I am not superstitious.