Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Strawberry Milkshake Oreos

Actually I love strawberry milkshake oreos (even though I just had them for the first time)...but I hate their packaging.

The packaging is not the normal oreo packaging, it is in a bag where you can roll up the end and clip closed for freshness (instead of the resealable packaging). I am not opposed to this type of packaging in theory, even if it does take longer to get at my delicious cookies.

I have a problem when this packaging is presented in such a way that that it makes the product look bigger than it is. Hold a package of unopened strawberry oreos next to a package of regular oreos and they are nearly the same size. Open your strawberry oreos and you will be sadden by your small pile of cookies. It is literally less than half of the oreos in a regular pack, for more money. The plastic tray is bulkier, the oreos are oriented funny, there is just a lot of empty space in the package...all to make it look like the same size. Come on Nabisco, I know strawberry filling doesn't cost that much more.

Secondly, on the bag there is printed the phrase "Remove Cookie Tray This Side Up" (or something like that). I couldn't wait to eat my cookies, so I was opening them while I was at a stop light. The light turned green just as I got the package open. As I start to drive, I am trying to pull out the cookie tray. Oh, by the way the "This Side Up" message is printed on the bottom of the bag...but it is goofy packaging so you might not notice if you are a little distracted. I was very close to having delicious cookies all over my floor pan. Luckily I am a multi-tasker and noticed before the mistake and before a crash. I am pretty sure the package was meant to say something like "Open this End" which is completely different from what it says.
Finally Nabisco, why can't I find the yummy looking Banana Split Creme Oreos any place around here?
End Hate
Picture borrowed from Tiny Muffins Flickr page.


Cameron Ted said...

What would be the result of strawberry oreos being dipped in strawberry quick? a black hole? the end of earth as we know it? the terrorists winning?

Yoshi said...

What are your feelings on the oreo cakes. I personally like the nilla cakes better.

Michael said...

I have tried the cookies with Strawberry Milk (made with Hersey's strawberry syrup instead of quick because it is easier to mix). It was disappointing...the world did not end, the strawberry flavors mixed but were not greater than their sums, might even be less. The Terrorists may have won. Regular milk provides a nice offset though.

I have not tried the Oreo Cakesters...I couldn't bring myself to buy them when the Nillas were right there.