Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to the Matrix

Yesterday (May 17th), a young Hulsebus was born to my brother, Kelly, and his wife, Holly. Braeden - btw not a huge fan of the name - tried coming out a few days earlier but the doctors used some kind of corking contraption and kept him in a few days longer in order to administer drugs to help his lungs develop.

Braeden was 6 weeks early (completely amatuer in arriving early since I was 12 weeks early). So he is still the NICU and has tubes and sensors all over him. Well either that or they are harvesting his body energy to run the machine society. Anyhow, they have the heat lamps set to "Well Done" and continue to feed him delicious sugar water through tubes so I am sure he will be fine shortly. I mean seriously, 4 lbs 15ounces? You beat me by over 2 pounds. You'll be fine kiddo. Heck, you already had the Al Bundy pose down when I came to see were totally grabbing your junk, so I know you'll be good.

If you didn't have a private room in the NICU, I would have totally done this for you (see video), but it is no fun without other babies and parents to humiliate.

Welcome to the real world, congratulations on escaping your pod.

Congratulations to all, job well done. Everyone is getting along just fine. Braeden, I guarantee that I will teach you many bad habits and give you the gifts that make a lot of noise to annoy your parents.
You can view more pictures of Braeden as taken by GF-Unit, at


Yoshi said...

Totally off subject but I found Mini Corn Dogs at Wellmans.

Michael said...

Yoshi, mini corn dogs are never off topic here.

I will have to head out to Wellmans and try them soon. Was supposed to go there a couple weeks ago but had other plans come up. Now I will definitely be making the trip soon.

kelly said...

Braeden called to tell you that you have a lame name but got bored after the 2,547,215th Michael on the list. He didn't even get past the B's in the book. P.S. he said Suck It and grabbed his junk at you.