Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update - Twilight (I Was Right!)

Finished Twilight last week, here is a recap of the second-half.

Bella did end up in the hospital with a broken leg, broken ribs, and many cuts and bruises...and what did Edward tell everyone? Yep, that she fell down the stairs. Ha ha ha. Oh and that he must really love her because he was able to stop.

Nothing like getting teen girls used to the idea that abusive relationships are good. Way to go!

I'm sure that was all in the movie, but I tried to block as much of the movie from my mind as possible. I was cracking up when I read this.

I am now cleansing my brain with His Dark Materials #3, before I give Twilight 2: More Twilightier (or is it Twilight 2: Twilight-Boogaloo?) a try.


Anonymous said...

ok fine, I have crappy taste in books. :P But hey, edward isn't the one who hurt bella, so there!

Anyways, I'll read les miserable (the abridged version, upon your suggestion) soon, so maybe that'll make up for the crappy teeny-bopper reading.

Michael said...

Sure it wasn't Edward, sure. Let's see:
1) He has kept her isolated from friends and family...because you know they wouldn't understand.
2) He has her lying to friends and family...to keep them safe from vampires.
3) He doesn't feed her regularly.
4) She has been trapped in a car for 24 hours or so...which can be disorienting.
5) She is taken to a strange motel, where she is kept captive...Stockholm Syndrome?
6) She is kept sleep deprived.
7) Edward can move fast enough, that she can't follow...couldn't the simplest disguise and totally fool her?
8) Getting beat up is a traumatic experience. I don't know if her memories would be accurate.
9) Plus she loves him and wants to protect him...and she is telling the story, don't you think she might lie?