Monday, June 29, 2009

The Art of Music

This past weekend, I went to the Des Moines Art Festival...twice. Initially, I went because Collective Soul was giving a free concert on Friday night. My good friend CT and friends headed to downtown Des Moines to grab a bite to eat at Centro (delicious) before heading over to the festival.

The Collective Soul show was pretty pathetic. Not Collective Soul's fault, they were decent from what I could hear. The sound system was terrible. The sound kept fading in and out. This was particularly annoying with the vocals but affected all members off an on. We weren't that far away and we could hear nothing when Ed talked between songs. Finally, Collective Soul took a 20 minute break so that they could fix the sound system. But of course, that 20 minute break is a quarter of the show for an we basically got cheated. Course we didn't pay anything, and the last couple songs did sound much improved (still not great, but decent). Luck for me, there were two very pretty, red-headed sisters (I have always had a thing for reds) a short distance in front of me to help distract me from the awfulness of the sound system (but I am not the type of person who can just walk up and talk to unknown people...I wish I was). Funniest quote overheard "Well, there it is. Their one famous song." This was when Collective Soul started playing their second song of the evening "Breathe." And that is what is wrong with Collective Soul, they have so many great songs and varying styles that people just don't consider them as amazing as they actually are. Just naming the hits: Shine, Breathe, Gel, December, Smashing Young Man, The World I Know, Where the River Flows, Precious Declaration...and many more. Collective Soul has so many good songs that you should go see them whenever they come around, you won't be disappointed (unless the sound system sucks!). I've seen them several times throughout the years and always leave being reminded of just how many songs of theirs that I enjoy highly.

After a quick tromp through the art showcases, CT and I headed over to Peoples on Court to watch Isaac James. IJ is local band containing ex-Stone Sour drummer Joel. They put on a good show...they sounded better than their demo CD. With the exception of the lead singer trying to do stadium type crowd interaction in a small bar, I thought they were wonderful. Note to singers...for 100 people, you really don't need to go "That wasn't loud enough, let me really hear you make some noise." It always makes me just roll my eyes.

Opening for Isaac James was a band called A.D.D. I had seen their name several times previously as an opening band but had never checked them out. The name threw me. With a name like A.D.D., I thought they were some local band with a name matching some flavor of the month. I pictured the naming session going like this:
"What should we call our band?"
"I don't know Deathwish Monkey*?"
"No more monkey names. How many times do I have to tell
"Oh, I know Viagra! Because we always get the crowd up...and we're sexy-like."
"Really you want to be named after something that reminds people of Bob Dole's penis?"
"Hey bassist, pay attention...we are trying to name the
band. Put that pudding cup back, sit still. What do you have ADD or
something?...wait a minute ADD, that is a popular diagnosis and is on the news
all the time."
"It would be like free publicity!"
In spite of the not so great name, A.D.D. was great sounding hard rock band. And rock hard they did. Every song sounded interesting and varied, they were tight musically, smoky gravelly female vocals, great melodies and harmonizing. They were a delight to hear. I will definitely be checking them out again next time they come through town. Isaac James and A.D.D. was probably the best $5 that I had spent in a while.

I will get to the actual art of the art festival later this week.

*Deathwish Monkey is copyrighted 2009 Gubby Corp.

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