Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Myspace Only

I hate it when bands or businesses only have a Myspace page instead of having a web page of their own. I understand if you are just getting started or in the twilight of your career...then a website of your own might not make sense. But anyone who is stable or growing should have their own website.
  • Myspace can't be accessed through many places (like work or school) which makes sense, some webpages may end up getting blocked too. However, more than 9 times out of 10 a band's/business' webpage will not be blocked. This allows me to look up concert dates, business hours, menus, among other things.
  • Myspace just seems like a childish way of doing business. It definitely doesn't come across as professional. Yes, I know this is my own bias. I just don't like always having to log into myspace to check what is going on with my favorite place. Logging into myspace leads to people wanting to chat and a rash of spam messages and friend requests...every time. I don't want that if I just want to check out when you open.
  • For people who don't like logging into myspace often (me). I miss out on all your bulletins and news. Plus if I do log in, it gets mixed in with the rest of the clutter and again could be overlooked. I prefer signing up for your email list. That is sent right to me (and my phone), I can access on any computer, I can keep if there is something that I want to follow up on, I can forward to friends, etc...
  • Myspace pages always have much less information than a personal site...and with the exception of the built in music player, less user friendly.

I think myspace can be a great addition to your normal business practices as a band/business. Low cost, friends, messaging, etc... I just don't think it should be your only web presence.

End Hate

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Lax Guy said...

I agree. When I started spreading the Gospel of playing lacrosse in Central Iowa, I converted my Myspace page to mirror my blogger page. Now that I have established the sport here, I more or less returned my MySpace & Facebook pages to "normal." Even my blogger page will be different tomorrow. Now that I have established the sport here, I have opted for a more professional page - it was still free! http://centraliowalacrosse.sports.officelive.com

I also cannot log into Myspace or Facebook at work. I rarely look at Myspace anymore.