Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Warning: May be some slight spoilers for those of you reading or watching the Twilight books and movies.

I recently finished the second book in the Twilight series. As you might remember, (ex)GF-Unit asked me to read them so we could talk about them. We are trying to remain friends and I am continuing to read.

Twilight Sucks by ~DevilsPhantasmagoria on deviantART

I was not too enthusiastic about the first book...I still think it is about thinly disguised domestic abuse. I found the whole book to be unoriginal as vampire stories go and figured the second book would be more of the same. I was not let down.

I don't hate the books, I just find them pretty blah. I thought the first book started out OK and they were building a decent amount of character depth for Bella...unfortunately that didn't last long and the more I read, the more that I didn't like her character at all.

I thought the books were going to be about an ordinary girl who happens to basically wind up in a fairy tale...meets the fantastic love of her life, dream come true, it really could happen to anyone type story. I like this type of story, where the every day person over comes great odds for great accomplishments. However, it slowly comes out that she is not ordinary - she smells better than most (attracting vampires) and she also has the gift to be immune from their powers. She is one of a kind...not the everyone is an individual type one of a kind, but an actual one of kind born with physical traits that no one else can compete with. Once this happened the story lost some of it's interest for me.

She is a total bitch to all her friends - the minute she has a boyfriend, she only spends time with him...completely ignoring any other friends. Is it really only because he is a vampire and they don't know? No, she just ignores everyone one else is important if she is happy. More than that, she treats any other guy who might like her like total garbage. Even before she started dating Edward, she just totally dismissed Mike and any other boy that liked her. No one else even had a chance. I understand not liking someone "in that way" but she hadn't even met these guys for more than 10 seconds before she decided that they weren't good enough for her.

I know I am supposed to feel sorry for her in the second book when her heart is broken and she goes into a catatonic-like state but I really can't. She treats everyone who offers to help her like garbage. God forbid she try to like someone who is human.

Predictions for the last two books.

  • Bella dates a Zombie or Frankenstein monster - probably Mike, but of course she will just tease him throughout the book as "just friends" even though she is constantly hugging him, rubbing up against him, and staying at his house till late every night.
  • Friends Jessica and/or Angela become witches and they try to work out a lesbian love affair with Bella. Bella will act interested and mess with their emotions. She'll be all cozy with them until Edward walks in the room and then she'll act like it was all their doing and she was just an innocent victim.


Jessica said...

I'm anxious to see what you will think of book 4...

Michael said...

Ha ha...that is what (ex)Gf-Unit says too. I'll get there, just need a break for a week or so before starting book 3. I am guessing they turn out to be aliens? Secretly harvesting the human race to send back to their planet as snacks.