Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good News Everyone

Woo Hoo!

In case you haven't heard, Comedy Central has ordered 26 brand new episodes of Futurama. New episodes will start airing next year.

Furturama has been my favorite cartoon series for years. It is more cohesive than Family Guy and a little more mature than the Simpsons (although both of those are great in their own right).

For years, I have been disturbed that Futurama was cancelled while King of the Hill continued. KotH is OK, but it is not the brilliance of Owl Traps, no Suicide Booths, no Bachelor Chow, no human hating robots, no always hungry crablike doctors. KotH just couldn't compete and yet somehow it did.


Thad said...

I read that yesterday, and was ecstatic. Such a great show!


Lax Guy said...

I agree. Futurama definitely bridged the gap between the Simpsons and Family Guy. In some ways it is better than either of them. The dumbest moments (cryogenic heads) make me laugh the most. It is one of the few shows that I can turn on at any point for a laugh.
While King of the Hill is still watchable, it is not very ground breaking. There is not much done on KotH that could not be done on a live show.
I guess as long as it's going, Mike Judge has the money to fund his movies despite Fox not promoting them. Office Space and Idiocracy are hilarious and brilliant mostly b/c of how well they speak about our society and "culture." Judge's new show, "The Goode Family," is brilliant in the same vein. It is a parody of both ultra-liberals and "American Dad." It is breaking ground that Hank Hill wouldn't touch with an American made lawnmower. Genius.