Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two Minutes Hate


I generally enjoy commercials and infomercials. I don't usually buy the stuff because most of it is way too specialized of a purpose or seems a little vague on their health claims...or I just don't need it.

Bumpits annoy me highly.

  • The commercial starts with an annoying scream

  • The commercial says "...So last year"

  • The commercial also says "...or rock a pony"

  • Oh did I mention that the commercial has horrible writing?

  • Do women really want to look like this?

    Before - nice and normal, After - hideously deformed head.

  • Bumpits make a person's head look funny shaped - alienish

I know for some reason women are obsessed with Hair Volume and always want to go bigger and (supposedly) better. This type of thing makes you look more like a laughing stock than anything else...OK maybe a peacock. Ladies, just be yourself. You are wonderful without stupid hair tricks. Seriously are your trying to look like this?

End Hate


Cameron Ted said...

And now you have not only brought up the Terminator movie to my, but also reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Why, what have I ever done to you?

Michael said...

Just wait till your birthday!