Friday, October 2, 2009

Living Dangerously

I love it when I come to a soft drink vending machine and there is a label missing on one of the buttons. That mystery button calls to me. My mind races. What could it be? It could be anything! Having a blank button on the machine basically does the exact same thing that hanging a big "Do Not Push This Button" sign would do...I have to push it. I scan through the rest of the labels:

Mountain Dew - Check

Diet Mountain Dew - Check

Pepsi - Check

Diet Pepsi - Check

Cherry Pepsi - Check

Mug Root Beer - Check

Aquafina - Check

Orange Crush - Check


What's left? Could it be or Grape Crush? That would be awesome. Strawberry Crush? Amp Energy? The possibilities! Maybe it is something I have never even heard of...or maybe if I push the button maybe I will be warped into an alternate universe. It is like Christmas morning and seeing a big present with your name and you haven't a clue what is inside. Only a $1.25 to find out. It is worth the risk.

Most times when I have tried an empty slot it has been either another place for Mountain Dew or Coke...whatever the best seller is. Once I was very happily surprised by Mr Pibb. Bottled water was my biggest disappointment ever.

This time I was a little disappointed that it was Sierra Mist. This little set back won't stop me from trying the mystery button next time I come across it.

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