Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Minute Hate

Jane Seymour - Open Hearts Design

I am not a big fan of Kay Jewelers in general because I think their stuff is pretty generic and they push it so hard around the holidays that I can't see how anyone who receives one of their necklaces would feel special or that the buyer really took some time to think about the person that they are buying the gift for. It seems such an easy cop-out. I find the Jane Seymour Open Hearts Collection particularly repulsive. Mostly because of the commercial.

y wish is that my Open Heart design becomes a universal symbol of hope and love..." Really? That is all you want?
To create a universal symbol? Well why didn't you say so, I mean creating a symbol that conveys its exact meaning to people from different countries, cultures, religions, etc... upon sight can't be that hard right? Jane Seymour, I am sure you are the perfect person to create a representation of love for everyone...because I know when I think of love, I think Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. This isn't saying that you are not a good person or anything but you sound a little naive when talking about creating a universal symbol. Plus I think it is kind of ugly. Looks more snake-like to me than a heart.
Open Heart Collection by Jane Seymour (left)
Poor Heart Shaped Snake photo by FlgCEH / Casey Horan (right)
BTW - I love this snake photo and encourage you to check out some more of Casey's work. I don't know her or anything but came across her photos on flickr a while ago and liked them...and when I first saw the above commercial I laughed and laughed.
End Hate
(Note - edited layout to make it look a little prettier Wed - 2/16 11:15am)


Anonymous said...

One of my least favorite commercials on tv right now. The whole, "Universal sign of love" thing REALLY bothers me for some reason. Glad I'm not the only one. That's just a stupid statement.


Jessica said...

I hate this too! It looks like two butts.I find the snake photo much more appealing.