Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

"Tear Here" Bags

You know when you buy food and they have a dotted line printed across the package and it says something like "Tear Here for easy opening". In theory this is a great idea but in experience this never works for me. I start off tearing on the line just fine but as soon as I am an inch away from the edge of the package it all goes horribly wrong. Either it rips up and away from the line so that I have to start tearing from the other side (with the same result) or it tears down and often ruins the bag for any chance of re-closure. I have tried going fast, I have tried going slow...unless the package is perforated the entire length it does not work. It just makes me angry because it should be such and easy thing...and if it didn't have "Tear Here" I would have just used the scissors and all would have been awesome. I want my beef jerky damn it! And I want it in a bag that is not destroyed in the opening process.

End Hate

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