Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank Goodness

Although I don't get particularly excited about deodorent, I am very excited that Mitchum seems to be dropping their dumb advertising campaign.

I like Mitchum because it is one of the few brands that offers an unscented clear gel deodorant. Amazingly enough, I really don't want my armpits to smell like an ocean breeze or "sport". I by deodorant to get rid of smells not replace them. Their old advertising slogan was good - something like "So strong you can skip a day." It tells you that the product works so well, that even if you skipped a day you probably wouldn't smell...and it did work, I don't know about skipping a day but as far as deodorants go it is one of the better ones. But I can see how some company exec probably thought that the slogan was encouraging people to skip a day consequently they were only selling half as much as they could be.

So the advertising started to morph into Mitchum Man stuff. It started off with slogans that sounded somewhat similar to the old slogan like "Go ahead Mitchum Man wear the same shirt you did two days ago." But the idea of the Mitchum Man being the ultimate man soon took over and they started putting "You're a Mitchum Man if..." type slogans on each stick of deordorant. This is wear I really had a problem with it...they made me feel stupid for buying their deodorant because I most definitely was not a Mitchum Man. From what I can tell from these slogans a Mitchum Man was a dumb, arrogant, slobby, unhealthy, redneck asshole. Examples (from memory over the past 3 years, so they may not be exact):

  • If Corn Dogs are your favorite're a Mitchum Man

  • If you ever convinced her that the photos were for your private're a Mithcum Man

  • If you ever urinated for more than 60 seconds're a Mitchum Man

  • If your socks almost're a Mitchum Man

  • If you flex in the mirror while everyone is're a Mitchum Man

  • If mowing the lawn is your idea of're a Mitchum Man

  • If the hardware store is your idea of're a Mitchum Man

  • If you've ever had a one night're a Mitchum Man

  • If you've ever been the Wingman and The Man in the same're a Mitchum Man
  • If you're not sure you own an're a Mitchum Man
  • If your singles ever helped pay a young woman's're a Mitchum Man.

I just hated waking up every morning and seeing one of those stupid sayings. It was a bad way to start every day. However there were a few that I have seen that I did like:

  • (on the side of a city bus) If you could totally parallel park this're a Mitchum Man.

  • (in a subway) If you ever hurdled anything while running for the're a Mitchum Man

  • (the one on a stick that I liked) If you order your coffee is small, medium, or're a Mitchum Man (I hate having to learn a new language to buy coffee. The scene in Role Models was brilliant, that is exactly how I feel.)

I was very happy when I bought Mitchum the other day and instead of a stupid saying, they had a sticker that said something like "New Great Look, Same Great Product." Thank you Mitchum for finally coming to your senses because you almost lost me as a customer. Glad you stopped trying to copy Axe for the manliest man competition.

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Aetraxx said...

I love Mitchum because it works, but had to stop using it because it works too well. The aluminum-whatever that is the active ingredient kept me so dry that it burned my skin. Seriously, you know your deodorant is good when it burns your skin!
Sadly the burn hurt like hell so the doctor told me to quit using it. Now I am back to trying to find a deodorant that works at least half as good. Axe & Degree are made by the same company and probably stand out the best of what I can use so far. I just can't bring myself to buy the Old Spice stuff...
I miss my Mitchum