Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Minutes Hate


I used to like vampire books and movies...no, I was never one to dress up and pretend to drink blood (this is the truest article I have ever seen on that subject), but I enjoyed the stories when they came along. Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, Hamilton, Kikuchi, etc... I've read tons of books and have seen many movies (yes I even watched Lost Boys 2 a couple months ago). My problem is that there is nothing really imaginative happening in the vampire world for the past 50 years (at least...could be 100 years). I remember first reading vampire novels and being intrigued with the immortals and their struggles with their with who their nature and their past. That seemed all fascinating to me. Not anymore, now when I see a story or a movie, I usually just groan and bear it. Not only are they no longer intriguing but they seem SO generic to me anymore. Seriously, if I read one more book where the vampire falls for a human, I think my brain my shrivel and die from boredom. Oh and why do 60% of the modern stories now take place in New Orleans? Really? You are so unoriginal that you have to copy Anne Rice THAT much? I would love to see some new ideas injected into this genre (besides the fact that they sparkle in sunlight...which really isn't all that new either, as many stories have claimed that they avoid sunlight because it reveals their true natures, not because it hurts them). Maybe I will have to try to dig up (ha ha pun!) some of the short stories I wrote when I was in high school and expand them into books...they were more original that the current slop making its way through the market place.

End Hate


kelly said...

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Anne Rice for forever entwining vampires and gayness together in my head. You know what's missing from every single one of her books? I can damn sure tell you it ain't hot Man-on-Man Lovin' that's missing. Snooze.

Michael said...

Yeah that got old too...you have to wonder if her new "Jesus" books have that too...