Friday, February 19, 2010

Gold for Commercials

I usually think that Olympic commercials are pretty lame, Winter Olympics especially since it isn't as high profile.  I mean half the time it is just a normal commercial with "Proud sponsor of the xxxx Olympiad" tacked on the lame.  Then the commercials that they try to make more relevant usually shows someone practicing hard at their sport...over coming that adversity, trying their best (rarely showing their faces as they usually don't use the actual Olympic athletes) and then saying some like "We are proud to support our Olympic athletes."  Just the most boring and generic commercials that you can think of.

However, I loved this commercial by Procter and Gamble about being a proud sponsor of moms.  Very cute and was a commercial that I actually wanted to see again, I even rewound on my DVR to watch it a second time when it premiered during the opening ceremonies.  Well played P&G, well played indeed.

And I don't even have kids!


kelly said...

Agree, that commercial is good. It would be even better if they actually had that kid at the end jumping to his doom. That's my complaint about ski jump anymore. Everyone is too good. No one ever wipes out.

Michael said...

In the opening ceremonies, they talked about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards...the average joe ski jumper that the UK had in 1988. The guy EVERYONE loved because he tried but in no way compete with the pros.

Evidently the ski jumping association and the Olympics thought it was a huge embarrassment, so they instituted the rule that you had to compete in international competitions and be in the top 30% of competitors or the top 50 competitors (whichever is less).

So basically there will never be another Eddie The Eagle for people to fall in love with. How sad.

Personally, I thought that brought SO much more to the Olympic experience and really made you appreciate how good the pros are. Not an embarrassment at all.

I was SO pissed when I heard this...I'd never heard it mentioned before. Eddie was a torch bearer this year though!