Monday, February 15, 2010

Leave it to the Sensible Canadians

I would just like to say that you to the Canadian Olympic clothing designer for showing how it should be done. The Canadian official clothing for the most past is simple, sharp, and patriotic. Just look at this stuff, there is no doubt what country you are supporting...but not in a gaudy way, in a clean but bold design. Who makes this clothing? I am unsure as there is not a huge logo plastered across it. But that is what is so great about it, you are showing support for your country.
I love this red and white sweater - it just looks elegant to me...almost vintage in it's style.  I think it definitely provides a classic look. They also have one that is opposite - red with white trim and letters (but I couldn't find a good picture).  I can't decide which one I like more, I find both extremely handsome.


And this hoodie is perfect in it's simplicity.  Available in a wide range of colors but I am pretty sure that 90% of the people are choosing this subdued red.  It is just such a rich warm color.  This hoodie looks awesome to just hang out and relax in...looks like it would be soft and keep you warm plenty warm.  I am a recent convert to the greatness of hoodies (I know, I know I am stubborn sometimes) but even if I was still a hater, I would find this an attractive option.

However, nothing is more iconic and striking than the red mittens.  These little mitten say a lot.  Simple but bold, these are beautifully symbolic to my mind...a rallying point for the people.  You don't need something large, fancy, or expensive to show your love of country.
Plus all proceeds from these mittens go to the Canadian Olympic team...and at just $10, nearly everyone can contribute. If I buy something from the USA store, am I directly contributing to the team? I am not could be all going into Ralph Lauren's pocket.  I just don't know because it doesn't there is not anything for Team USA that captures the spirit like these mittens do.  Team USA - please take note that this is how it should be done.  In the future, please remember that simple is more and create me some iconic clothing to show my patriotic support.

Good job Canada!  We look like corporate sellout whores by comparison.  Canada gets the Gold for apparel design this Olympic Games.


Lax Guy said...

Hudson's Bay Company did Canada's stuff. It does look great.
Ralph Lauren is not alone to blame for the ugliness of our nation's teams though. Under Armour (as much as i love them) did a horrible job with our skiers and bobsledders.
Nike and Burton , on the other hand, did a great job with our hockey and snowboarding teams, respectively. I think Burton's designs are probably the most American, unique, and suitable for the sport than ANY I have ever seen. What is more American than blue jeans? My absolute favorite Olympic gear; I want to buy it and I don't even board.
To sum it up: Props to Hudson's Bay, Nike, & Burton; Thumbs down to Ralph Lauren & UA.

This article is pretty informative:

Michael said...

You are right, hockey and snowboarding outfits are awesome.

Wow, I hadn't seen the bobsled suits does something like that monstrosity get approved?

I do agree with the article - I think there should be a (subtle) underlying connecting between all uniforms and all sports...I think that would help people think of the entirety of Team USA as a team. But if that connection makes everything look like the bobsled suits...then forget it.