Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have Not Sold Out....Yet

Today, I received my first email asking me to post something on this blog. I am sure it was a part of a data list created about blogger users - it included my first name and "Why I Suck"* both of which could have been gleaned relatively easily (as well as, my email address).

First of all - this is my blog and no one tells me what to post.

Secondly - if you suggest something I may post it if I believe in it.

This happened to be about "supporting Team USA in the winter Olympics" which I do believe in. However, since I can't believe they ever actually read this blog and it was just a mass mailing, I refuse to do it. Did they not see the last (and only I believe) post that had anything to do with the Olympics? Anyhow, I don't see how loading your banner ads and widgets will actually help Team USA.

Not a Widget

Let it be known however that I do wish the US Olympic Team and the US Paralympic Team the very best of luck. I hope you do especially well in Hockey, Curling, and Short Track Speed Skating (they are my favorites).

Now if only we could get some cash offers in here, then I could really sell out. Nuprin. Little. Yellow. Different.

*I must admit that it was pretty cool seeing "and your blog Why I Suck" in an official looking email. It made me giggle and I hoped someone had to type that by hand (although I'm sure not).


Anonymous said...

nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Michael said...

Sorry...not a NitTwit yet. I have an account to follow a few others but I don't tweet at this time. Mostly because I like to ramble and am long winded...I have to limit myself to a very short amount of time when I write a blog post because otherwise it looks like a mini-novel. No one wants to read that, so I don't know how I would ever be able to keep it to 140 characters. Even my texts often end up being 400-500 characters keeping it to 140 seems like way too much work at the moment.

Besides, I am not nearly that interesting. I know, I bore myself to death.