Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

Annoying McDonald's Commercial

I'm sure you have all seen the "What can I get for a dollar?" commercial for McDonald's. This is commercial where the guy goes to all these different businesses and asks what he can get for a dollar and then leaves to continue his search for a great value (or something like that). He goes to a travel agent and gets a plastic tree, a spray tan place and gets a 1 inch diameter spot of spray tan on his face, etc...

This commercial annoys me for so many reasons. A few examples:
  • He gets a dollar's worth of product from these businesses (except the cab) but he never pays them a dollar...so actually he is getting these products and services for free! That is a much better deal than McDonald's (or he is a thief).
  • It's not really comparing similar products...gee you can't get a vacation for a dollar but you can get a hamburger?! Who knew? Bahama vacations are obviously rip offs, we should only buy hamburgers. Might as well show him trying to buy a car or a house (well maybe in Detroit), it would be just as ridiculous. Anything that costs more than a dollar must be a waste of money...even though there are many things on McDonald's menu that cost more.
  • I am sure this guy would have been much more impressed with The Dollar Store, Family Dollar, The Dollar Tree, Super Dollar+, Everything 99 Cents, or even the $1 Spot at Target. McDonald's has 5 or so things on their dollar menu but hey these places have hundreds of products.
  • Finally, he spends way more than the one dollar that he originally seemed to only want to spend. he is eating his burger but also got drinks and a sundae? That is $3 minimum (I am not sure if they are all on the dollar menu or not, I rarely go to McDonald's). He probably could have gotten a lot more at the other places too if he wanted to spend more. Heck, he probably could have gone to his local mom and pop diner (AKA greasy spoon) and got just as much, if not more food which was actually better tasting.

End Hate


Bryan said...

A dollar is way too much for that plastic tree.

Michael said...

In truth the it was more - "What can I get for this?" *Wink* The tree is basically saying that he paid for a handjob from the hooker around back. He goes around back, give he hooker the tree and is pleasured.
It's like at the one KFC when you asked for extra biscuits you actually got pot.

Bryan said...

Holy crap! I need to hit the dollar store and pick up some of these trees ASAP!

kelly said...

That dude in the McD's commercial who is apparently just a complete dick to everyone in the morning before he gets his coffee makes me angry. Makes me want to junk punch him then dump hot coffee in his face.

Only the other hand, I totally want a Punxsutawney Polamalu

Michael said...

Yeah that commercial pisses me off too...but I've only seen it twice. Doesn't really say anything about McDonald's coffee as any coffee would do.

That guy is just an a-hole with or without coffee. He goes into a restaurant and when they try to help him he shuts her up? How was he expecting to get his fraking coffee? Oh and you notice that he only talks to hot girls after he has his coffee? That has more to do with him being a horny douche than having coffee.

On the otherhand, I did enjoy the McD coffee commercial with the arty, intellectual snob guys who now don't have to wear turtlenecks, fake glasses, and goatees to fit in with the coffee house crowd.