Monday, February 22, 2010


I really wanted to watch the USA vs Canada Olympic hockey game yesterday.  Really, really did.  After all the hype that NBC had been putting into it the past few days, I just assumed it would be shown live on NBC...but instead Russia vs Czech, which was OK but not what I really wanted.  I don't get MSNBC, CNBC or whatever it was shown live on.  I had thought about going to a friend's house but wasn't feeling the best and just wanted to lie on my couch and wait for the tape delay.

I understand NBC wanting to tape delay something like that an show it in prime time for more viewers but for me they made it unwatchable.  Once I know the score to a hockey game, I just have no interest in watching the loses all it's excitement and mystery.  I was trying to be careful - avoiding and TV channels that might have news, didn't listen to the radio, didn't check any texts from anyone that has an interest in hockey, watched most of the Russia game on mute since I didn't want the announcers making an offhand comment, didn't get online incase yahoo had a story on their front page, and I didn't log into facebook in case someone posted about the game. 

I thought I was safe in my hockey news free bubble.  I was wrong.  I stepped outside to get something from my car...just at the time that my two neighbors decided to yell to each other about the game.  Inside I was all "God Dammit Mother Fucker!" but I calmly walked inside - depressed that this hockey game was now dead to me.

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