Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

Club Footed Figure Skaters

I enjoy figure skating...it is not my favorite Winter Olympic event but it is good to watch in small doses.  What I don't like is when the ladies wear tights that stretch over their skates.  It disturbs me quite a bit.  I'm sure it keeps their skates from clashing with the rest of their outfit and might even help keep their laces out of the way.  However to me, it looks like someone with big club feet sliding on ice.  There should be some kind of division between the leg and the skate...it is almost an exact picture of the definition of  "Cankle."  If it is supposed to keep the skates from distracting from the rest of the outfit, it has the opposite effect on me.  I can't stop staring at the seeming deformity.  My mind is drawn to the poor girl with huge feet that somehow has metal blades coming out of the soles of her feet.  These tights do not create a "clean" look, they create a deformed look.  Come on skaters - we know you are wearing skates, just show them.  It looks so much better.

 (Photo by: Mkendrab at en.wikipedia)
Sasha Cohen 2006 Nationals
(one of my fave skaters but better when not club footed)

End Hate


kelly said...

I was ignorant to what "club foot" was up until only a month or so ago. In my mind, I had thought it was when a baby was born with one fat and deformed foot. Like caveman club. I was shocked when I saw a picture and it was actually their leg bent in a horrible angle like a golf club. Now I get the willies when I hear club foot. Even that Sugartooth song makes me have awful visions in my head now.

Having a kid is weird. You don't get freaked out about all the things that can go wrong with them until you have one. Then you watch all the dumb shows with freak babies and are convinced you're gonna have one.

Michael said...

Yeah, you can't watch the freak baby shows...horrible. Although who wouldn't want dicephalus conjoined twins like Abby and Brit or a primordial dwarf like Kenadie?