Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Strange Urge

Anytime I walk into a movie theater and there is only one other person/couple/small group there...I always have the urge to either sit right next to them or right in front of them.  This is especially true if they are in a random seat and not somewhere that makes sense like the dead center of the theater.

I know this would totally piss me off if I was them because there is a whole fraking theater to choose from.  Yet, it crosses my mind every time. Seriously, how weird would it be if you were the only couple in the theater and in comes some guy that picks the seat right next to your girlfriend out of the 200 other empty seats?  I think I want to see how they would react and see how uncomfortable it would actually be...but I also think a part of me may just be a total dick.


Thad said...

I was at a movie a few years ago with someone, and a guy came and sat directly next to my friend. There were literally 5 other people in the theater. At least give us the 1 seat buffer! But no, he plopped down right next to my buddy. Weird.

Michael said... would be weird as fuck. I don't know why I have the urge.

I'd claim it was me that did that to you and your buddy but that would be a lie...if it was me, I would have tried to eat your popcorn too!

kelly said...

You notice, I'm not mad, he gets mad. That's being a dick.