Monday, February 1, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

Glad I had to click through!

I hate when internet sites make you click to see their awesome price, because evidently it is so low that they can't advertise that price...or some other stupid reason like that.  It is annoying, wastes my time and makes comparing products within the store difficult.  Just tell me the price, I don't need your crossed out retail price to make me think I am getting a bargain because more and more the bargain ends up like the picture below.

In case you can't read that and/or don't want to click through to the larger version:

List price: $99.99  ($99.99)
Amazon price: $99.96
You save: $0.03

Seriously, I would rather pay the 3 cents than have to go through that bullshit.

End Hate


Thad said...

Off topic, but I'm stoked for Bioshock 2. I've had my copy paid off since late August. Time to return to Rapture.

Did you get your Rock-afire Explosion DVD yet? I've been waiting for a review.

Michael said...

I too am stoked for Bioshock...but still have about 5 games I need to get to before that (I'm so far behind...I was being a total slacker). So I'll probably wait and get it in a few months, but the nice thing about that is that it will be cheap. Course, it doesn't seem that long for me, since I just finished Bioshock 1 a year ago.

I did get the Rock-Afire Explosion DVD, although my mailman evidently lost it in his truck for a week. I need to finish watching the extras. Should have a review up by either end of the week or beginning of next.

Thad said...

5 games? That's it? I think i own about 25-30 games that I haven't played. I'm not sure why I keep buying them. Unless I win the powerball, I'll never have time to catch up.

Michael said...

Well, I actually have 10-12 games waiting to be played because I have made a much more conscious effort to not buy games until I need them and I have also loaned a bunch to others, so since they are out of my hands they don't count towards the pile.

I am really trying to not just buy stuff to have it sit on a shelf...just what I need.