Monday, April 12, 2010

Brothers' Trip 2010

This weekend was my The Semi-Annual Brothers' Hockey Trip 2010. This is when my brothers and I take a trip to Minneapolis or Chicago to take in an NHL hockey game and experience some general debauchery. This year was the Minnesota Wild vs the Dallas Stars. Here is a quick overview and some useless stats of this year.

The Stars have a special place in our hearts after having the Iowa Stars AHL team in Des Moines for three years. We got to see a lot of old I-Stars players and got to see Mike Modano's (probably) last NHL game. A fun trip had by all (I think).  Participants - Me, Kelly, Holly, Ryan, Hedda, Sean.

Useless Stats:
  • Mistaken Hotels - 2
  • Bands - 3
  • Good Bands - 1.5
  • High-Fives given to random strangers - hundreds
  • Strangers happy to give high-fives - 3
  • Restaurants that were featured on Food Network - 1
  • Restaurants that were disappointing - 2
  • Steaks that were not as ordered - 2
  • Times the GPS unit had to "Recalculate" - approx 30
  • Zombieland watched - 1.5
  • Cadbury Eggs purchased - 48
  • Free games at pinball - 3
  • Hockey Goals - 7
  • Beers drank - many
  • Mike Modano crying - 2
  • Mini-Corn Dogs eaten -12
  • Crackheads given hugs - 0
  • Vomit - almost 1
  • Bowling Balls the lane next to us had - 14
  • Total Hours Slept Fri & Sat Nights - 4ish
  • Crazy Ladies trying to dig cigarette butts out of the buttcan - 1
The trip started with the drive up to Minneapolis and then meeting to eat at the Green Mill restaurant.  I'd never heard of it but Kelly & Holly had eaten there before and thought it was really it was close to the hotel.  It was had potential but it didn't execute well.  Out of ribeye steaks on a Friday night at 7pm.  The New York strip offered in it's place overcooked.  Disappointing nachos.  Slow service.  It all added up to be a disappointing meal.

We decided to go bowling after and that turned out to be a pretty decent time.  Memory Lanes had a stage set up on the middle lanes for live music.  The first band was female drummer and male guitarist/singer.  All I could think of was how awesome the White Stripes were at this combo.  This band was not the White Stripes.  They were punk/thrash stuff, which although I loved when I was young...I don't have much of a stomach for anymore.  I can't call them bad because I had cassettes and cassettes of this stuff when I was in junior and senior high.  It is just not very appealing to me anymore.  Maybe I am not as angry, maybe my tastes have just matured.  I did enjoy their cover of Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name...but that was probably more due to the fact that I like the song than their performance.  The next two bands were decent, some rock with a little bit of horns.  Nothing amazing, but good background for bowling.  I bowled both horrible and decent.  Afterwards, we played a little pinball in the games rooms while Hedda decided to start giving everyone around her high-fives...much to their annoyance.

Saturday started with watching Zombieland...which is a great way to begin any day in my book.  Then we headed to the stupid mall (mall's tagline should be - just like your mall but stupider and full of idiots).  We had meant to play a round of mini-golf but it was packed and had a long line by the time we got there.  We then headed to Psycho Suzi's for dinner.  We had been interested in Psycho Suzi's since it was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network.  It was decent but I had hoped for a little more.  I enjoyed the red rockets (mini-corn dogs) but was highly disappointed in the onion rings.  I loved the names for all the foods - red rockets, brown sugar babies, chicken gremlins, etc... but the food ended up a little drab and very greasy.  Usually, I am a big fan of grease, but this was a little too much for me.  But then I have to remember that I saw the place featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives so really how much could I actually expect?

Pre-Game Warm Up...Our Seats were better than this looks. 
Stupid phone camera.
Saturday Night we went to the hockey game.  Good game...Dallas was down early but battled back to tie it a couple times, sending the game into overtime and finally a shootout.  Dallas won.  It was the final game of the regular season and probably the final game in the career of Mike Modano.  Modano started his NHL career as a Minnesota North Star and played in Minneapolis for 5 years until the team was moved to Dallas.  It was good to see that the Minnesota fans still like and respect Modano.  He received a video tribute, and several standing ovations by which you could tell he was very touched emotionally.  It was a great night and a good finish to his career.  Good luck Mike!

Sunday was just the drive home...which was harder than it should have been since everyone was tired due to lack of sleep and the wind started blowing against up the entire trip...but we all made it home to take naps.  I did give in and buy a box of 48 Cadbury Eggs for my enjoyment. Maybe pictures of me and the bros later...I didn't have a camera, so I don't have copies at the moment.


kelly said...

That Green Mill was a pox on the Green Mill name. Nothing was as it should have been, as it was in the past at different Green Mills. That was unadulterated weak sauce.

Psycho Suzi's was an equal disappointment. I bet if you're wasted it is awesome. Otherwise, meh.

Thad said...

OK, I'm getting worried. 2 weeks ago you went to the roller derby. I went to one last weekend. Now this past weekend you went to an NHL game, and I'm going to Denver this weekend for game 3 of the Avs/Sharks series on Sunday. Please let me know what you're doing this weekend so I can make my plans for the weekend of the 24th.

Jessica said...

PLEASE don't ever to go a Green Mill or any other chain when you come back to the Cities. There are so many other great places to eat. Good call on Psycho Suzi's, though I agree the food is mediocre. It's a fun place to drink.

Michael said...

Thad - I know I am totally cool and all but please live your own life. You don't have to copy mine ;)

Good news! This weekend, I plan on winning the lottery and being independently wealthy, focusing on what I love (AKA not working). Bad News - this has actually been my plan for years and so far it hasn't happened.

Nice on the Avs/Sharks! I hope the Sharks kill the Avs. Should be a good game.

How was the Derby Dames and roller derby at Val Air?

Michael said...

Jessica - totally, actually didn't realize it was a chain restaurant until my bro looked it up on his GPS and there were 8 within 12 miles, and by then plans had already been set to meet others there. We don't have Green Mills in Iowa. I love the locally owned restaurants and trying new places...was hoping to find a local diner for breakfast Saturday morning but didn't have time. Next time I plan to do more research!

*Lesli* said...

Totally enjoying your random list. Note to self* Make a random list of stats from some new event. Maybe today at work. It would look something like this:

*saying omg i'm so tired=30
*jumping on the internet=a million
*hearing about the duck derby=a million
*coffees ingested=3
*times people call my desk for stupid things=1 (so far)
*times i've looked into the mirror and wondered why i didn't wear my hair up=about 5
*potty breaks=2
*wishing i brought something better than a can of soup for work=3
*accessing twitter from my phone=about 10
*accessing fb from my phone=about 5
*friend requests accepted=1
*wishing in my head that i was a millionaire and didn't have to work=on repeat

Michael said...

You look in the mirror 5 times a day? I don't think I have looked once today...I just go with it.

*Lesli* said...

I wasn't looking intentionally....but I did check ma self out in the bathroom could I not? The mirror is right in front of the sink and I ALWAYS wash my hands. AND it doesn't help that I walk by a window EVERYTIME I leave my office. Damn reflections will get ya every time. I'm not THAT vain...

Michael said...

You say while brushing your hair and sighing wistfully. Just kidding.

*Lesli* said...

exactly. i just had a double vision of a creepy horror movie and marsha brady.