Thursday, April 1, 2010

Olympic Dreams Crushed

A few weeks ago radio KXNO announced that they were going to host a curling tournament. My brothers and I were excited as we've enjoyed curling for years but never had a chance to play (a set of stones is outrageously expensive).  We turned in the registration form for our team of "3 Bros and a Ho" and were told that over 20 teams had already registered.  There was a limit of 30 teams, so we were looking forward to a good, full tournament.  We went about lining up our cheering section and letting everyone know about the glory that they would witness in 3 Bros and a Ho.  Having never played, we considered ourselves to be the obvious favorites.  I am a firm believer that if you haven't done something you should just consider yourself awesome at it until proven otherwise.  Who told you that you needed oxygen to breath?  Some loser trying to make you feel small.

Curling Stones Photo borrowed from Felix @ Flickr

Unfortunately, KXNO canceled the tournament due to "lack of interest."  Lack of interest?  With over 2/3 of a full tournament within two days of the start of registration?  No, I think it was more lack of preparedness on KXNO's part.  I had a bad feeling when there was next to no information on their website.  Rules?  Nope.  Schedule besides "Friday & Saturday"? Nope.  Equipment supplied or needed to bring? Nope.  Any of the many other details that you might need to know about a tournament?  Nope.  Their info basically was a PDF sign up sheet that asked your name and your shirt size.  It didn't seem well organized even from my first glance...but I hoped because I would really like to play.  I am disappointed and my Olympic dreams were crushed before they even started.  Boo to you KXNO.

The one good thing about curling being canceled is that I can now make the season opener for the Mid Iowa Rollers on Saturday night.  I love me a good roller derby bout.


kelly said...

I had no idea that was Craig Ferguson as Confidence until just now. Awesome.

Cameron Ted said...

I think you will soon learn that anything KXnO touches will turn to nothing in a two shakes of a lamb's tail. (did I use that right? I keep throwing it in to random talking points and it hasn't gone over too well.)

Sorry about your team though, you will always be the curling Champs in my book.

Lax Guy said...

That sucks. I would be totally down for curling if we had it in DM.
Remember, the Valley lax team is also hosting games tomorrow (Sat). Varsity games at 10am & 3pm. JV at 5pm. The other teams play each other at 12:30pm. All games are at Indian Hills Jr High in Clive and there is no charge. Also no seating so bring a chair.
Sorry, had to promote the games as they are the last scheduled for WDM this spring.