Monday, April 5, 2010

Mistakes Have Been Made

Over the weekend, I realized/remembered a grievous error had been made on my part. I had once loaned out my "The Monkey Represents Sharing" t-shirt.  It was an incident where said person's own t-shirt had become befouled at my house.   And being a good host, I freely loaned one of my favorite I figured the slogan was very apt for the situation.  The monkey *did* represent sharing.  Unfortunately, I never saw the monkey again.  It has now been five years.  The borrower has now had the t-shirt twice as long as I possessed it.  I've thought about purchasing another...but it wouldn't be the same.

I am sure the shirt is long gone from their closet...but it will be forever in my heart.


Bryan said...

How many did you have? You sent me one.

Michael said...

I've owned 3, 1 for me - 2 for gifts...alhtough it ended up being 3 for gifts...grrr. I bought that one especially for you...birthday, christmas, I don't remember why.

Cameron Ted said...

This girl in college wanted to wear my High School football jersery, "Sure" I said. Then she transferred to UNI from Simpson. She called me some 2 years later, and the first words out of my mouth were "I want my football jersey back" I didn't get it back. I do however have my college football jersey oddly enough.

Michael said...

Do you want me to hunt her down and kill her?

Cameron Ted said...

yes. and get my jersey back.

WORD: erorepen