Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

Subway Eat Fresh?

I'd just like to say that because Subway assembles the sandwich in front of you that it does not make it "fresh."  You have no idea how long the meat, cheese, and veggies have been fermenting in the tray.  Subway is in now way more fresh than any other chain sandwich/burger shop...in fact, I've seen several fast food burger joint kitchens that have little trays of ingredients that look exactly like Subways.  Sure, sometimes if they just chopped veggies, I am sure what you get is fresh...but they don't chop veggies and slice meat for each individual sandwich.  I'm just saying fresh assembly does not mean fresh ingredients.  By this logic, I could have had lunch meat sitting in my refrigerator for 6 months and make you a sandwich and call if "Fresh."  I did JUST make the sandwich, it wasn't under a heat lamp.  Yes, it is an extreme example...but it illustrates my point.  You don't know how long that meat has been sitting out in Subway's trays...but it could have been a while (and I know if I go in there at 9pm right before they close, it has been a while).  I like Subway, even though I don't eat there (or any fast food place) often.  I just don't like their claim to "fresh" because you really have no idea if the ingredients have been sitting there for 10 minutes or 4 hours...just like at any fast food location.

End Hate


Cameron Ted said...

Why do you hate Jared so much? I think the Subway diet is great! Lose Weight, Stay Ugly.

and 4 hour old meat HAS to be better than a big mac, a fillet o fish, or a boconator.

I have just been making a turkey sandwich from home and eating fruit.

Maybe I shoudl try a RAW diet and see how that goes. Nice The CLincher from Chevelle just came on Pandora.
word: reaultr

Lax Guy said...

I miss Blimpie. Now that was fresh! They would slice everything when you order. So much better.
And why the hell does Subway think they need to toast my sandwhich all of a sudden? Is it to hide the lack of freshness? When I go to subway, I expect soft bread and cold ingredients (except like meatball, which I don't get anyway).
If I wanted a freaking toasted sub, I would have gone to Quiznos. But Quiznos tastes like crap and overcharges. Plus they had those dead rats singing in their commercials a few years back. Kind of turned me off.
While we are on the subject: Planet Sub blows. Jimmy Johns is ok in a pinch. Charley's in Jordan Creek is pretty freaking awesome.
I miss Blimpie though.

Michael said...

Lose weight, stay ugly...classic. That has to be one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time.

Have you seen KFC's new Double Down sandwich? Bacon & cheese between two fried chicken breasts (instead of bread). Sounds like a heart attack but deliecious.

I think the Blimpie on SW 7th is still open...that is a drive for me to get a sub though.

Yeah, those gerbils or whatever were weird...but yet goofy enough that I enjoyed them. Didn't make me want to eat a sandwich though (course neither does Jared). I can't really do Quiznos since once I actually watched them make my Philly Cheese Steak...they pulled the meat out of one of those trays and it was just the grossest grayest looking meat ever. Once it was hidden by the cheese the sandwich looked normal...but I couldn't get the picture of that meat out of my mind.

*Lesli* said...

good point :) and Jimmy John's is better anyway....yes?