Friday, April 16, 2010

Original Count

I tracked down the original Moxa Kill Count Chart.  This was probably around 2003?  This chart was started mid-summer, well after the killing began.

Gus-Gus = really fat mice
Stewart Little = normal mice
Other = rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc...

As you can see, I quickly ran out of room on Stuart Littles.  I probably would have on the Gus-Gus too but I think Moxa killed most of those before I started keeping track. The following year, I went to a new method of recording where the mouse outlines were much smaller...and then the bigger outline was equal to 5 mice.  Unfortunately, that chart is lost to time.  After a couple years the mouse population throughout the entire neighborhood was completely exterminated for several years.


Anonymous said...

That chart is spectacular.

- Your unidentified text-sending would-be lover.... :-(

kelly said...

It should be noted that Moxa had never been outside of a house on her own ever before that spring. She had spent the first 6 or 7 years of her life as an indoor puss.

The first day we let her out of the house, she got lost and didn't come home. 3 weeks later I spotted her skulking in a neighbor's garage about a half mile away, emaciated and bedraggled. Not exactly a promising start to outdoor adventuring.

Once she got her bearings, the kill streak started in earnest. We probably missed a good majority of her kills since we didn't start keeping track until we realized the death toll was so stupendous. And as Mikey said, those were just dead animals she would bring around or kills that we would see her make. Who knows what the real body count actually was.

My favorite kill was the disembodied small bunny head she left as a gift in the shower. Lovely.