Monday, October 5, 2009

Cherchez la Femme

Now that I have been single for a while, I suppose it is time to get back out in the world and find the girl. I am not sure exactly what I am looking for because I find all kinds of qualities intriguing...and qualities I might totally hate in one person might work great in another. How do you describe to someone what you like without just sounding totally generic - of course I want a good looking, nice person (I think that goes for 97% of the population - the other 3% having severe fetish issues). As examples, I am going to give you my top five list. I've played this game with girlfriends in the past but have been told that I don't "play it right" or "have the wrong spirit." They were picking Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp while I would list ex-girlfriends, friends of my girlfriend, and the bored housewife next door. I felt if I was going to go through the trouble of making a list, I might as well include people that I actually had a chance to get laid with. So in the "True Spirit" of the Top 5 Game, these are the famous people that I find attractive and charming.

Before we get to the list, I will tell you that I have been told that I have somewhat strange taste in women. I think Angelina Jolie is good looking but just not what I want. I like a big head, big eyes, big forehead, a great smile, small teeth, and intelligence...I have no idea where this comes from but a lot of the people that I find attractive often have some of these traits.

#5 - Summer Glau - Summer is probably the person that most people other people would agree is totally "hawt." I do absolutely think she is cute and adorable (awesome eyes, big forehead, etc...) but I think I like her most because she has such awesome facial expressions and emotions. This worries me a little because she always plays defective characters - River in Firefly where she was crazy, disturbed young girl and Cameron in Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles where she was a robot starting to have conflicts with her programming. She always plays these characters so convincingly that I am drawn to them, they are super powerful but at the same time extremely vulnerable. However, this makes me worry that maybe I am attracted to damaged women with emotional issues...looking over my dating history, I can not say one way or the other for sure. I also love Summer's movement - she was a highly trained ballerina before sidelined with an injury. She brings this wonderful grace and fluidity to her acting (her being a robot in T:TSCC really kind of bummed me out for it's rigidity) as well as physically power that fascinates me. I look forward to seeing her in Dollhouse soon. I've liked Summer since the first episode of Firefly.

#4 Zooey Deschanel - To me, Zooey seems like the sister of one of your best friends. You've grown up with her and seen her around quite a bit but she has always been "little sister." Then one day, you actually hang out with her and find out that she is really smart with a sarcastic edge and really fun to be with. She is a totally different and more complete person than you ever thought just never noticed. I don't know why I get this feeling from her, I just do. I love her deep set, big eyes and her bangs (I totally hate bangs but they look awesome on her). Her music ability is also a big turn on. Since I have ZERO talent in that field, I am always impressed by others talent and she has an awesomely smokey voice. I've dated a girls who have claimed to loved to sing but I can only think of one that I have ever heard sing. Zooey seems like the type of person that wouldn't be afraid to sing in front of her boyfriend. I've liked Zooey since Almost Famous.

#3 Felicia Day - In addition to big heads, eyes, and foreheads; I have also had a sporadic attraction to red-heads. I actually don't know if it is the red hair per se, but if there is a girl that I find attractive to begin with, red hair is never a detraction. Felicia has been my favorite red for a while. I love how she doesn't always cover her freckles with makeup. I think freckles can be sexy as hell but everyone always covers them up. She also have just this incredibly sweet smile. She is totally girl-next door (in the classic sense, not the crappy E! TV show sense), as she seems totally normal and approachable. She seems like she would be a great person to relax and talk of those people that would make you feel welcome in a group of strangers because she is a dork too after all. I know people who think she dresses too much like a librarian at times but for me that makes her even more perfect and awesome. I first liked Felicia when she was Vi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but my interest was rekindled with the Diet Coke Commercial and Cheetos Commercial...but she took over number #3 after Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

#2 Rachel Leigh Cook - Rachel has incredible eyes, cheeks, and smile. But of course, no one would ever see that if she wore glasses, had her hair tied up, and wore clothes with paint on them. Ha ha. I thought she looked wonderful in glasses. Rachel's smiles just light up her whole face and she looks completely adorable. Big eyes that just pop out at you. Rachel reminds me of the really cute girl in high school that was not stuck up and would talk to everyone, even us losers. I must admit that I like her a lot more in dark hair than blond, but even blond she always looks lovely. I've like Rachel since She's All That (yes, I could have done the cop out and said the Brain on Drugs PSA, but really she seemed a little too crazy to find attractive at that moment).

#1 Christina Ricci - Christina is pretty much the epitome of everything I find attractive. Huge head, awesome big eyes, prominent forehead, great smile, etc... I think everything about her is lovely. Even when she was heavier than most other actresses at the time, I thought she was gorgeous (I thought she was normal, not heavy but even if she was...I thought she looked good). Truthfully, I can't even describe the whole reason for my attraction to just clicked in my brain one time and ever since have thought she is incredible. I think she is a very talented address that can handle almost any role from sweet to wicked. I want to sit on my bed and listen to records with her and sit next to her and read books. I doubt I could concentrate much on either but I just want to hang out with her and learn what she likes. I prefer her dark-haired but don't mind the blond as a change of pace. I've liked Christina since Casper, which mAdd Imageade her illegal at the time but still I couldn't help but be attracted. Yes, I too thought she was awesome in the Addams Family movies...but I wasn't attracted to her at that time, though I did think she was an awesome kid.

Seriously, this picture below with Christina just sitting there with a faint smile on her lips, turns me on to no end.

If you are these women, know these women, or know someone like these women...hook me up. Okay, actually I am not that picky - feel free to set me up with most any single female :) I'm not desperate, but I am not ruling out and options or assistance either.

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