Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Sorry for the late hate (no I'm not).

Fine Print at the Bottom of Car Commercials
Have you ever read the fine print at the bottom of a car commercial? It is a bunch of total bullshit.
First of all, no matter what the car is doing...even just driving done a road, it is always "Professional Driver on a Closed Course." Is this implying that I shouldn't or couldn't drive this car down a road? I understand this warning when the car/truck is doing something extraordinary, doing stunts, crashing, or something other than the type of driving that I would expect to encounter. But it is now on every commercial. Every commercial. I want a car that normal people can drive well, not something that can only be handled by a professional.
Second, is that the vehicles shown always contain optional accessories or equipment. I don't mind them show this but they always promote the low price but show the expensive version. To me this is like going to McDonalds and having a picture of the Big Mac next to where it says "Hamburger $0.89" Yes, the Big Mac is a burger but it definitely not the burger that you are getting for 89 cents. Same with cars, your are not going to get what you see for the money they advertise. Larger engine, upgraded wheels, better suspension, upgraded sound system, leather seats, power windows & locks, special order paint color, added navigation, etc... And that is just some of the options that are added to commercials. If you want the car in the commercial you are going to have to thousands more than the price they can increase the price of the the car by at least a third, maybe more. It is just ridiculous - I believe you should advertise what you get for the price given.

I know, I know, honest advertising is pretty much an oxymoron.

End Hate


The Fauschanator said...

How about when they say you can return the car if unsatisfied and the fine print says $5000 restocking fee.

kelly said...

The record price difference that I remember seeing was for an SUV. I can't remember which one right now, maybe a Range Rover or something but they showed off the decked out to the max model and said "Starting at $28,995". The fine print at the bottom, only viewable on a 50" plasma TV by hitting pause on the DVR, revealed that the price for the model shown was $49,495. Almost double. Awesome.

I looked on the web and the 28K was actually a special order, you couldn't just walk onto the lot for that one. It had no air, no power anything, 2wd, and zero amenities. Not even a radio. I'm sure they never sold a single one of those.

Michael said...

And people wonder why they don't trust car companies. It isn't just the used car salesman trying to screw you over.