Monday, October 19, 2009

Mama Says It's From the Devil

I am not a big football fan. Until about 3 years ago, I could claim never to have watched an entire football game. I went to a grand total of two in high school and one in college...but even then ended up talking to people instead of watching.

Football was just too slow for me. I understand all the time management aspects of the game and get the strategy involved, but that doesn't stop it from driving me nuts. I hate there being time left in the game and the teams walking off the field because the offensive team would be able to kill all the remaining time. I think if there is time, you should be forced to play. Walking out with time remaining just seems like the baby way of doing it, play out the clock. Plus, it drives me crazy when a team is at Fourth and Short and they kick. Seriously? You don't have enough faith in your team to make one yard? Go for it, kicking makes you look worried and that you have to play it safe (in my opinion at least). Personally, I am for always going for it on 3 or less yards.

Anyhow, this is not a post to complain about football, it is actually about my football experience over the weekend. My hetero-life-pal CT invited me to the Iowa State Cyclones game on Saturday. I made sure to let him know about my "meh" feelings on football and to make sure that I am a last resort. I am comfortable in my position as last resort in this situation. I was the only one able (maybe willing, I am not sure) to make it.

I had a very good time even though it was more than a little chilly (I think it was 32 degrees F after the game). CT and friends had a very good tailgating system down and we enjoyed burgers, brats, and pork sandwiches. All excellent...thanks for cooking CT, it really hit the spot. I had a good time tailgating and just talking. I even enjoyed the game itself. I've watched enough football in the past few years that I don't get lost or bored...and understand the slowness of the game, even if I don't agree with it. I know next to nothing about standings, or how well a team is doing but I didn't need it to have fun. Really the only thing that was disappointing about the day was that the cheerleaders were wearing windbreaker outfits...I was looking forward to seeing some scantily clad women do weird things with their bodies (I suppose I could always head to the strip club).

Probably my favorite part of the whole experience was CT wanting to punch Ed Wilson, the local weatherman, the next time he saw him. The forecast given for the game was about 10 degrees warmer, sunny, and no wind...and CT and many others dressed according to this forecast. It was chilly, cloudy, and windy. Ed Wilson, ended up walking by before the game...and we were all "Get him, get him" but CT restrained himself due to the fact that Ed was with his kids. Ed, if you ever get punched by a stranger who then yells "You know why!" I know nothing about it (but this is fair warning).
Thanks again for the invite, it was a cold but fun day.


kelly said...

CT's just gonna BANG, junk punch him, right up in his man business, and then he's gonna keel over and while he's writhing on the ground screaming "Why??", CT will say "YOU KNOW WHY".

I often imagine how horrible it would be if hockey players were as douchey as some football players. Picture a hockey player laying out a guy with a huge check then doing a little dance or flexing his muscles Hulkamania-style for the crowd like guys do after a stupid tackle? A tackle. Which happens on say, oh, approximately EVERY FRICKIN' PLAY OF THE GAME. Nice celebration of the mundane there, Tonto. You did your job. Clap Clap.

Michael said...

I love when they celebrate a tackle and yet are losing horribly...the tackle made no difference, they are losing bad and nothing can change that and yet there is doucher celebrating.