Friday, October 30, 2009

There Was a Sequel? Part Deux

There Was a Sequel? Part Deux

I am really not sure how I feel about Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. The original movie was a surprisingly great film. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes a good shoot-em-up movie (and really who doesn't?). Good "We're on a mission from God" revenge story. Willem Dafoe was awesome and hilarious. I don't know anyone who can keep a straight face when he starts his detective work.

I am always hesitant about getting my hopes up for sequels since they are usually awful (and yet I am drawn to them and their horribleness). It is a little hard to be totally pessimistic when the major actors are returning and it is written and directed by the same person as the original. Of course, I thought that about Lucas & Spielberg at one point too...but South Park summed that up very nicely.

The trailer looks good though and I feel the need to see it. I am a little worried about the subtitle though...that seems like they are stretching to try to be clever. Seriously, the subtitle makes it seem like a movie with none of the originals involved and just trying to cash in on the Boondock Saints name. That is what I first thought when I heard of it. I mean might as well call it Boondock Saints II: Saint-Boogaloo. I feel that a subtitle is not really needed but how about "Veneration" or "Sanctified" or even "Canonized"? They are still pretty cheesy but not as cheesy as All Saints Day (in my mind at least).

Boondock Saints II - in limited release today (aka Not Iowa). Hopefully we will get it soon.

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